Music posted by gloryjudge9 - July 15th 2013

These are my favorite music to listen
1.Not afraid by Eminem
2.Play Hard by David Guetta
3.Light em up by Fall out boy
4.Alone together by Fall out boy
5.Play Rock Anthem by Lmfao
6.Radioactive by Imagine-dragons
7.Coming Home by Diddy Monkey
8.Bring me to life by Evanscence
9.Can't get them enough by Black eyes peas
10.Hall of Fame by the Script


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1 & 7

posted by TandemAnn - Tue, 07/23/2013 - 6:20pm

I like 7 more. Mostly because I like that kind of music more than rap. I like In This Moment, Flyleaf, Sarah Jaffe, Soley, Glasser, and a few of Jessie J's songs like Price Tag and Domino.