Naruto no sekai

Anime posted by chinnam890 - June 11th 2013

I have a naruto world I'm naruto by the way I got married to Sakura I got a child nam kazumI I protected he hidden leaf from pain I beat the none tailed fox and becamE friends with it later on all the bijuu were revived I pulled out a rod that was controlling them then they gave me their source of power after that I became one with kurama (kyuubi) my jonin senseis kakashi and guy helped mE defeat madara but bee helped to even tho his rapping is so annoying we managed to get through we all fought madara then we discovered that madara is auctually obito and the real madara was rEvived we were so surprised but obito isn't anybody it's kakashi sensei friend ... To be continued


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Ur opinion

posted by chinnam890 - Mon, 06/17/2013 - 1:14pm

How is it guys