Why is there an ac on the end of my guild name?

Grand Fantasia posted by mastrred - June 8th 2013

Sup RedSlayer here veteran player (aka Red The Digit Slayer)
Ok I was not playing grand fantasia for like 5 months cause I burned my computer.
And I see that u guys did a massive fusion on all servers nice job there I got to say but I can tell that there ain't a lot of players so u had to fused all servers since there weren't a lot of players so I guess is understandable to make a drastic desicion.
But this is not why I'm here to talk about I want to know why is there an ac on some guild names also mines its kinda annoying to see that "ac" on the end of the guild names but if it can't get fixed o well just wanted u to know.
Chaito for now.


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