The Rules I HAVE To Live And Love By

Friends posted by Gelana1967 - April 24th 2013

Because of recent events it seems that I have to post exactly what rules I have to live by. Most of you probably think that I am just a free spirit that will bond in a mating capacity with anyone. If you think this you are wrong. Even I have rules to live by online.

1. My Husband knows. That’s right, he knows. I keep nothing from him. He knows your user name and that I have a relationship with you. I will talk about you from time to time but never in great detail. If you are a friend then I talk about what we do. If we are lovers then I talk about how good you make me feel.

2. Only Women. My husband will deal with me playing around with another girl but he does not nor will he like the idea of me playing around with another man. If you are a man would you let your wife play with another guy online in an intimate way?

3. Real Life is More Important. If you or I have something to do that is not in the game we will do it. My life and yours is more important than killing the bad guy and getting the rare loot.

4. I Keep it General. Yes I do keep it generalized. I do not want you knocking on my door to see if I am home. I will give you a little of my name, probably the state I live in, I am married and I have 5 children. I will not give you my cell number I will not give you my street address. What is in game stays in game, period!

5. What You See of Me. This is a new one that has just come up with people wanting to know that I am really female. The video or picture. My husband and I have had various talks about this over the past year. This is what was decided. If I will show the picture to my mother then it is alright. Video is forbidden, we know couples that have broken up because it went from text to talk. This means that I will not Mumble or Skype.

My family means everything to me and I will not do anything to make my life hard on them. Being BI and living where and how I do I am allowed a small allowance of perusing a lesbian lifestyle in the games I play. I will share some of those experiences with you through this blog. I do have to say that it is life changing.


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