Nub Lyrics of Pasaway

General posted by DarkmythSNR - April 11th 2013

Get up nub alliance of Lights
Rival Darkies waits their weeping ass,
Hit the shower and wear Sunday best,
Full boost your intense aura and play.

Check, check your PID and CRR
If you don’t want to QQ
Inventory your stash and say ready or not.
PVP zone already howling for your presence

Pasaway, Pasaway!
Nub darkies beware
He’ll rip ya warriors wide open
Guards and assasins will UT and hide
And spank ya sexy orc and pagans

So began you nubby Darkies
Let the needy farm happily.
PVP is PVP and farming is farming.
Begging is begging O.o
Hahahaha. (^.^ ) (~.^) (o.o) (-.-)


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