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Mysfaer: A Fairy's Tale
(A Profile of Mysfaer's Character)


Cheerful. Funny. Moody.


There's more than meets the eye with this spirited rose-eyed enchantress. She likes to speak random, but can be caught with a world-wise tongue if the situations arise. She is kind but reserved, the darkness within her kept within elegant manners and flowery words; it is in her nature to please others and always takes others feelings into consideration which, ironically, brings forth many troubles in her relationships.

A deep thinker of sorts, she prefers to peruse the economy of the Central Continent and uses her formidable money-making abilities for non-violent purposes such as spending on costumes, charity or making others happy. She has a charming sense of humor that draws friends to her like bees to honey, and eventually, was reunited with her brother Overlord.

Mysfaer Heartnest is the recent life of the fallen fairy, Razra Venomdragon. She grew up in the outskirts of Aven, found as a baby crawling surreptitiously on a wild flower patch by a kindly old couple who ran an old dilapidated orphanage.

In her past lives, she was known amongst the fae clan for her passion for the arts, ability to find the good in others and her bizarre obsession with coffee and pastries. Albeit often childish and possessive, she's generally a sincere, funny and loving girl.

She has long been agnized by the loss of her wings, a consequence of banishment from the dragon fae clan for choosing to abandon her fairy duties for a forbidden love. Eventually the love failed, and she awakened in the world world of Eden - thus opening a new chapter in her tale.

A heartbroken fairy, without her wings, loses her immortality and would fall down dead.

The tale begins with a fairy's desperate search for her lost wings. Little does she know her wings continue to live but had taken another form...

...and thus she's in for a heeeeeelluvaaaaa lot of searching. :D


In this fourth book, Mysfaer meets new allies such as the mysterious wandering blue-haired swordswoman and self-proclaimed heroine Anna; the venerable merchant & powerful illusionist who introduced himself as Blubs; and the brutally violent yet charismatic enigma of arenas and random fangirls, the samurai-who-didn't-look-anything-like-a-samurai as Mys jokingly described him, Axelmorph Bloodhoof -- of whom she swore to stay as far away from as possible...but in the end, couldn't.

The world is no stage and nobody knows how the plot would twist. When destinies intertwine and when feelings come into play and when lies run amok on all sides, Mys finds herself not only fighting to end her crippling curse but for her very life, and in the end, for the life of the one man she loves and of whom she vows to protect eternally...


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Lols XD Love it ^_^/ ~Val~

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Lols XD Love it ^_^/



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