Scarlet Blade

Gaming posted by Shadebag - March 29th 2013

Well, I started playing Scarlet Blade, my first Aeria Games MMO. Actually, this is my first DPS-based MMO I've ever played; my only other MMO experience is with Sega's Phantasy Star series (active currently on JP PSO2).

Naturally, the initial pull for me was the highly sexualized nature of the game; I had originally planned just to try it out for kicks and giggles. As I played, I found that the game had substance, a compelling enough story and universe, and best of all, a great community! I guess it comes with the mature rating, so there're less 13 year olds ruining the whole MMO universe experience. In all, the game has everything to keep me playing for a while, it seems: sexy ladies as avatars, limited clothing, science fiction setting, and it's FREE!

I'm currently the GM of the guild SABER (Special Arkana Ballistic Expeditionary Reconnaissance), the first guild I've ever been GM of, so we'll see how that goes!


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