Have I done a right thing?...

Humor posted by gracegarcia999 - March 5th 2013

Have I done the right thing of leaving them?...
Is it ok to leave them as they are..I don't think I'll be miss though..
I can't think anymore...
Sometimes I wish I wasn't even born...that way I wont have to suffer anymore like I am right now...
I guess someone will miss me..but who...who is that person that will miss me...
Sometimes I go outside and lay on the grass looking for an animal shape cloud...it sometimes calm me down..and when I do find the cloud I close my eyes and think of happy thoughts...sometimes I think of the day me and my sister weren't fighting and we were playing around...those were the good day..
I just don't know if I can live another life...I mean I've been ignored by the people I care for...and I still am being ignored...
It's sad for me actually...How can I be so stupid...no one will care for me,they never will....
come to think of it...do I even deserve to be loved?..I mean...I have a papa in the game..I said a really dumb thing to him I hope he forgives me...
The only thing I have to think of is the good days I have with them...the fun and crazy time we all had together and I'll keep that in my heart forever..
With every breath I take is,the breath I take when I'm with them and not alone like I always was...

~ Never Give Up On Your Dreams ~
~ Never Stop Fighting For What You Are Fighting For ~
~ Never Give Up Hope ~
~ Stay Clear In Mind ~
~ Don't Think Sad Thoughts ~
~ Remember You Have Someone There For You ~
~ Every Step You Take Is Another Step In Life ~
~ Stay Focus And Work Hard For What You Believe In ~

~ For The One You Love Is Caring For You,And Worries For You ~
~ Is The One You Should Keep Close To You Heart ~

~ I Love My Papa With All My Heart,For I Am A Lost Little Child ~
~ Trying To Find A Way Back To Him ~

Love you papa :) and mama :).


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posted by gracegarcia999 - Wed, 03/06/2013 - 1:07am

I won't be judge by no one and if someone has something to say that is rude please keep it to youself

Only you can tell, if you

posted by JalsSerrano - Wed, 03/06/2013 - 12:37am

Only you can tell, if you have done the right thing...
No one has the right to judge a person, without knowing things about their true experience, life, and also the reasons why they have done a certain thing...