Friday Night Dinamita

Rants posted by ProperSkank - March 1st 2013

It's Friday night.
There's absolutely nothing to do.
When I say that, I actually mean there's nothing interesting to do.
A few people wanted me to go out to some hipster bar, and listen to a bunch of local bands make noise and dance around all night. I feel like sitting home tonight. Complaining in a blog that no one will read beats standing around with cheap 2 dollar beer while "artists" pretend their set list is some kind of abstract painting. That whole thing seems to be a trend in this city. Everyone involved in the local scene is really into art. I don't mean anything impressive either. I mean art that looks like the artist just threw paint at a canvas from across the room, then when you ask him what it means he says something like "This painting is a physical manifestation of my angst and my apathy." They're so easy to point out in public. I just look for people in pea coats, which is a shame, because I have 3 of them. ANYWAY, the trend I mentioned kind of goes like;
-Become an artist
-Kiss major local venue ass
-Gain local credibility
-Move to Philadelphia, and forget about everyone in Scranton.
Plus, there's a 3 dollar cover charge. Eff that noise.

Maybe I'm just cheap... Think about it though.

A 3 dollar cover charge just to drink 2 dollar beers?
I'd much rather couch surf for loose change, then go down to the corner bar where all the old timers who have given up on life hang out. I feel like not enough people take advantage of this part of the website. I just flat out said everything I have ever wanted to say about wannabe artsy types, AND it's not going to end with me running down the street from an angry mob full of smelly, bearded, flannel wearing hipsters. The conversations they have with each other are ridiculous. Why do they feel the need to talk to each other like a bunch of college professors? Isn't it a lot easier to say you like something rather than explaining where you were when you first discovered you liked it all while trying to flaunt your impressive vocabulary? I'm not saying people should talk to each other like neanderthals, I'm saying flaunting your vocabulary is pretentious.

Maybe I'm just jealous, because I'm limited in ways I can express myself.

Then I wouldn't have to complain about people trying to be sociable while I'm sitting at home on a Friday night. I do have boxing to keep me company though. It kind of gets the job done.
All of the fights are laughably one sided, which kind of kills it.
It's kind of mean to be honest. They throw some poor guy in the ring with a killer, and 30 seconds later the guy is on the canvas completely knocked out. I miss the wars in boxing. The kind of wars in which both fighters are equally matched. I think they call them "Super Fights" now, because they don't happen very often. I think they put the "Super" in there to boost PPV sales and hype up the fights. If you want to see a good fight, look up Hagler vs Hearns. If you're not having a fit by the end of the 1st round, I feel sorry for you. Of course it's all subjective. Maybe you're the kind of person who gets excited about a new manga coming out, or a new sandwich at McDonald's.

I gave you something to read, and kept you entertained.
Return the favor?
Call me names, make fun of me, whatever.
I'm interested in what is on your mind.


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RE: Im not sure how i would

posted by ProperSkank - Mon, 03/11/2013 - 3:47am

Thanks for read. I like how sarcastic Penn Jillette was throughout the article. I always thought he was just a Vegas entertainer with a corny sense of humor. I got that impression from that stupid "Fool Us" show, or whatever it's called. I think I like him a little more now. I also appreciate that you think I'm good at writing. With that being said, I'm sure there are English majors cringing and bursting blood vessels in their eyes.

- Your hair is awesome. I like it.