General posted by annamccann1990 - February 18th 2013

Life is so free, yet so restricted,
From all happiness I am evicted.

The earth is so full, yet so much more empty,
I sit in silence as all eyes watch me.

The world plays together, yet I am so alone,
We all have shelter but I have no home.
Everyone is cared for, yet I am so neglected,
They make fun of me, no sadness is detected.

Everyone is happy, yet I am so sad,
I wonder why they treat me so bad.
We are all well educated, yet I go to no school,
They are mean because they think it is cool.

Everyone is eating, yet I have no food,
I know they laugh, but why be so rude,
Everyone matters, yet I am called names,
They will call me a tramp, I know, they are all the same,

They hit me, hurt me, yet I feel no pain,
I know tomorrow they will do it again.
Outside on sunny days they'll drink their sugared tea,
But no one knows that the sun will never shine for me


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posted by skyana17 - Sun, 02/24/2013 - 2:19pm

this poem is great. It shows the life of a person who face the same suffers everyday but feels no pain because she/he face it everyday and knows something great will not happen (YET).

thumbs up*