A Fool's Problems...

Rants posted by iWaffleNommer - February 17th 2013

So... Another blog. How are you guys?
Anyways... as the title says, I'm gonna talk about my problems. Pfft. I don't care about you guys. It's my blog! It's all about me! I'm joking.
Anyways, I've realised that many of the blogs here are just about problems with Aeria Games, or about having no social life, and being hated and all that kind of stuff.
It's just depressing. I'm talking about the problems with the games, just so you know.
I kid, I kid.
I mean, seriously! What? Do you honestly think you'll get any friends by posting your reason of suicide?
It just makes you look greedy.
I mean... If you want friends, all you have to do is be proud of yourself! Don't just sit in front of your laptop and whine!
Do something!
And... here's one of those gaming problems I was talking about earlier.
Eden Eternal. Where's the MONEY!?! I'm only Level 10, and I'm just running around randomly, only 15 silver, and no quests in sight! What am I supposed to do, if my character is standing around, with no money or food, and probably contemplating SUICIDE!?!
Aeria should make it so that monsters drop gold. T.T
Anyways, that's my second blog for tonight, so I guess I should go.


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posted by skyana17 - Sun, 02/24/2013 - 2:06pm

You are right about people complaining o,o does bring your mood down about the blog itself.