What the Heck?

Rants posted by iWaffleNommer - February 17th 2013

So... I just started my Aeria account... I've been exploring the site for a while... And I found this little section.
What the Heck is a Blog? Well... All I know, it's just some kind of journal.
Might as well try it out.
What's up, random gamers?
Me? Nothing much... I'm just sitting in front of my laptop, downloading Eden Eternal. And gosh... my internet connection is slow.
I'm watching Lucky Star... Now I'm eavesdropping on my brother talking with his friends on Skype.
Ha! Joey, you dummy. You need 1 stick and 2 wooden planks to make a sword!
Erm... Anyways... I think that'll be it for this Blog entry.
... Bye!


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