lack of support from team aeria

Rants posted by nub418 - February 4th 2013

my ticket;

Subcategory: Other

Game: Shaiya in English

Server: gaia

Character Name: MouseOfDoom

Date and time of occurrence: 2013-01-30 12:53 GMT-8

what the hell is happening when I have a LC Lucky charm* in my inventory on
my character when linking and my lvl 50 goddess enchanted gauntlet lvl [6]
with 20 rec on it gets broken :( this is not good enough I want this looked
into and I want my enchanted item back. This really is BS....I buy my stuff
to link my crap and your game glitches. I am now losing time lvling my
character because I now have to chase this matter up :( How can this happen
when I have a LC in my inventory???? And do not give me BS about it a
chance we take it is is why we buy LC. Hey you take my money
mate I want my property back A.S.A.P.
aeria's reply;

Dear nub418,

Thank you for contacting support.

Please list the exact date and time which this occurred in a reply to this
message and we will gladly investigate this issue. Thank you for your


Team Aeria
my reply;

I can do better then that, here is the SS of the issue right after it happened. And so you not confuse my Goddess gloves they had life 7, rec 20, and lvl [6] enchants. In the ss it shows in the notices up top what I took out of my WH inventory and what I had at the BS. The Ab's I tried to link was Ab's +50
my reply again because I know aeria will want the time spacifics;

But so again we not have issues over format and how things are requested :) the time was 8:49 01/30/2013
The BS: Gliter :)
the character: MOUSEofD00M
aeria's reply;

Hello nub418,
Thank you for contacting support,

Our records do not show any Lucky Charms entering your inventory prior, or
being present during, the incident in question. If you can provide a time and
date you acquired the Lucky charm that failed (we do not see any in your
inventory at the time of this message being sent), we will check again. As it
stands, we cannot find any evidence that a glitch or bug has occurred.

Please also note, all Aeria accounts, and every item on every Aeria account, is
the property of Aeria games.

We will await your reply if you need further assistance.

Thank you,
Team Aeria

Now lets stop it here and look at the same screen shot I sent to aeria :) I will use it as my profile picture so others can see for themselves either how wrong the aeria records are of "incident" glitches paying customers are subject too, or see how messed up team aeria's code of practice is when a paying customer losses valuable gears (that they spend REAL money on) and all team aeria can do is call them LIARS!!! The screen shot shows the time, it also shows the date, it shows 2 lucky charms in my inventory and in the notices you will see this to the left of Blacksmith dialog box;


In the inventory in the screen shot you will see the lucky charms.....nothing in the notices say i stored the lucky charms again....and the screenshot proves they are with me.
So why is it that in team aeria's response they tell me they have none of this on their records. Either team aeria is UNTRUTHFUL or team aeria's records are UNTRUTHFUL....Either way I would like this to be investigated fully. And if need be it should be taken to a body that can look into the legality of these records when taking a paying customers money. FRAUD is FRAUD!!!!

ok the screenshot to big to load as profile pic :(

I have posted the screenshot there for public viewing :)


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Umm... Aren't [sp]lucky

posted by MasterExplodr - Thu, 02/07/2013 - 4:08pm

Umm... Aren't [sp]lucky charms the new lapisia lucky charms? If so, those only protect when enchanting. Did you get them from flb?

ok screenshot way to big for the profile picture here :( sorry

posted by nub418 - Tue, 02/05/2013 - 12:14am

The screenshot wont fit in the profile picture for my aeria account, but this simple fact should not stop people from seeing the truth of aeria games, Goto;

I have posted it on my FB page so all can see!!!