An Anime For All

Anime posted by IrishBiteGirl - February 3rd 2013

I have to say... after just finishing Sword Art Online I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes anime.

It fits in with many categories, romance, drama, fantasy, comedy, action, magic.

Well, in my not-so-great sum-up of it...

See it is about a virtual MMORPG game that is just getting released into open beta. 10,000 people were selected to start it. It begins with meeting the main character Kirito and then the GM [Game Master]and maker spawning them all into the starter town, telling them they are now all stuck in the virtual game and the only way to get out of the game is for them to beat the game and clear all 100 floors. If they die in game, they die in real life.

This is a GREAT Anime. Especially for us gamer types who can relate and pick up on many of the MMORPG terms through the series. Not to mention this anime made me cry, cheer, get giddy with anticipation and chilled my spine a few times with epic story lines.

A must watch for any anime fan.


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