Trying to get back to Eden

Gaming posted by Soalai - January 24th 2013

Hey all, it has been a LONG time since I made it onto EE. I know I've been neglecting the game, and I guess I have a couple explanations for that - college work, obviously, which ironically enough left me bored with a lot of free time. But I'm also in a relationship now and spend most of my free internet time, especially at night, talking to him. But I had such a passion for EE over the summer, and I don't want to lost that. You guys made me laugh and rage, dungeons and arena thrilled me, guild progress and new class skills made me proud.

I've decided, and set some digital reminders for myself, to log onto EE at least once a day. My college friend informed me that "college kills MMOs", and I guess I know what he meant, but I'd prefer not to abandon something I've already spent so much time and money on. I'm level 61, so much to look forward to, may as well do it.

I have a lot of unfinished business, including crafting better orange gear. Because Unchained, my beloved guild, basically died and the offshoot was never able to get back off the ground, I've joined Quantum, which has both a town and players around my level (I sorely needed this). No one is online now but I hope I've stumbled on a friendly and active guild in addition to a cool one.

Some goals of mine:
~finish all level-appropriate book quests
~main story, of course
~kill all level-appropriate rare monsters and guild bosses
~trophy gathering
~level-appropriate dungeon farming
~crafting: Serene Grace [mace], False Pain [shield], Immortal Art: The Beginning [mace]
~gather guild and Aven fame
~sell junk I don't need

In the meantime, I'll be browsing the forums to see what I've missed and what to look forward to now that I'm back.

Soalai's story isn't over yet...!


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