Letting my friends all know

Friends posted by jlagese - January 22nd 2013

Hi everyone whats up",
I am just wanting to tell all of my friends that I just recently been die-noised with cancer,a rare type of cancer called Merkel cell carcinoma- found in sun-exposed aeras on the head, neck,arms and legs but often spreads to other parts of the body;and sebaceous gland carcinoma, an aggressive cancer originating in the oil glands in the skin. Also called neuroendocrine carcinoma of the skin.

Im still learning more about this everyday,since the Doctors are somewhat cluless as to what or how i have it. Im still waiting to get a referral to go to the university of california irvine for further study,but it doesnot help having a noob primary care doctor that does not know much of anything,I have had so many different kinds of tests and everything keeps coming back as ok or little off or a little high etc. Doctor faviorate words are Idk.

But i have been playing DWO and other cool and exsiting games provided by AG for over two years now and most of my friends are mostly from when im online playing, I have even created a alt character and created a bodyguard the wolf and named him after my dog Shaggy.

The easy part is I dont have family anymore they killed a few years ago and im only 29 years old but in a few days i will be 30 on Jan 31. So its just me and my dog Shaggy.

I dont want anyone to feel sad or sorry for me cause Im ok just painfull at times but thats life. I hope that theres a DWO in heaven if there is such a place,i have died once in my life and still kinda remeber what it was like for those few minutes. Just black,emptyness and just so many people rambeing and chanting over and over not stoping and seeing a bright white room like white i have never seen color of in this lifetime with just me in a empty room. I just wonder if that is Gods way of kicking me out or im not worthy, but what ever it maybe.

But as of right now im fully functioning normally. And my online character names are Simya of Wei 4th elite grneral and xuanDe of shu counslor general.

I will update this regularly.


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Just letting everyone know

posted by jlagese - Thu, 01/24/2013 - 2:12pm

Letting everyone know that i am now moving this to the forums..