im bored so ill make a song #3

Music posted by Loveless187 - January 22nd 2013

u sit alone in a quiet place, how could u keep such a serious face, my love was here for u everyday, u pushed me to the grave where i lay..*chorus* -i feel so lost, my heart is gone, u were my beloved, how could u make me loveless?-*chorus*.. freezing in the coldness of my heart(my heart), my soul has split apart(apart) from me.. u kiss me here, u kiss me there, its hard to bear, ur so not fair.. fallen to desire, i play with fire, it doesnt burn, till its ur turn.. eating cake, im so fake, keep to me, i wanna be free(of my cage)..


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posted by Loveless187 - Wed, 01/23/2013 - 12:20pm

false hopes is for the latter, waiting makes u fatter, it doesnt change, u kno hes out of range.. my world splits in two, how could i be the fool, no one can help me, not even save me(from this)..