EE Christmas memories

General posted by Valkita - January 21st 2013


Christmas was officially over last week in EE. It was fun hunting santa and the Christmas tree decorations were fun :3

I was able to win 2 gingerbread men and a couple white outfits and a white candy cane (white being non-enhancing, or purely decorative), and reindeer antlers too ^_^ So over all I'm happy but will put them away until next time.

I had a couple nice gift exchanges wiht my firends too \^_^/ it was fun to see the goodwill within the game.

But for now Aven is back to normal and no more questing for Christmas cookies. Hopefully something for Chinese/Lunar New Year awaits us. :)

Baiz til next time,



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XD You need to get a

posted by Valkita - Sat, 01/26/2013 - 8:17pm

XD You need to get a screenie next time ;3

It was! Lots of Christmas

posted by Valkita - Thu, 01/24/2013 - 10:35pm

It was! Lots of Christmas spirit and Christmas derping :3