3D Residence & Places!

General posted by SidCham - January 18th 2013

As wonderful as it is;
Shaiya 3D World presents a marvelous planet on which dedicated persons (adults) can accomplish deeds, tasks, quests and combat missions, team-work (party and platoon), and become True Knights and Masters Of Arms!

In addition to that;
Shaiya 3D World allows to interact with everyone, chatting, conversations, trainings and explanations, helping each other... Friendship often develops between companions or team-mates, and that is very agreable!

How often have you desired to actually access those lovely township little houses? And perhaps even establish your peronal quarters or residence?

Moove 3D Online allows to actually build your own 3D Residence,
entirely customable Rooms, a collection of RoomShapes, with images or textures on walls, ceilings, and floors, decorations, furnitures, all sorts of items...

Once your 3D House or Place is set up,
You can fashion your Character (actress or actor) with so many outfits, wearables, and drivables, the possibilities are vurtually endless!

Sharing files, images, items, URL Links, everything is possible!
All that with the option of Visiting and Hosting other Members!

Internal layouts, as residences or places, is not available on Shaiya World, which is dedicated to terrain activities.

As an essential addition or complement to Shaiya 3D World,
Those who really live in 3D on the internet can establish their very own Residence and places in Moove 3D Online (Roomancer program)!

Whether you want a Personal Residence, a Castle, a Dungeon, an entire Stronghold, or simply to live in one of those lovely horse-wagons:

Moove 3D Online brings it to life!

moove online - your first personal 3D world on your PC - individually customizable - with fun, excitement and amazing possibilities for 3D chat and more


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