Failed 70 Plan - Back Up

Grand Fantasia posted by Crexia - January 18th 2013

Masteries Tier 3:
Iron Man Training - Increase HP by +1% each level, Increase Vitality by +3 each level.
Survivor's Will - Increases Defense by +1.5% each level.
Silhouette Guard - Increases Magic Defense by +1% each level.
Protecting Weakness - Decreases Physical Damage taken by -1% each level.
Kidney Attack - Increases Critical Hit Damage by +1.5% each level.
Finishing Blow - Increases Dual Weapon Normal Attack Damage by +1.2% each level.

360 points to Earn.


30kg hoard
Sprite Maximum Level
PVP points about 70k heart points \o/ lol


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