Begginer's Sprite Guide

Grand Fantasia posted by Hiikaro - January 17th 2013

Sprites are magical beings that will accompany you on your adventures. As a Sprite Messenger, you have a special ability to commune with them, and they can help you with their special gathering and crafting skills. When creating your character, remember that you’re going to keep your first sprite for as long as you’re playing your character. Be sure to pick a sprite will skills that will help the character you want to play.
Sprites have four stages of evolution.
Stage 1: Blob-head! Your Guardian Sprite will start out as a cuddly little blob that just loves rolling around.
Stage 2: Sprites gain a body at this stage. (Character level 21)
Stage 3: Sprites grow wings! (Character level 51)
Stage 4: Sprites gain magical sparkles! (Character level 71)
Sprite Moods:
Giving them The Highest Mood Will Give Double Experience.
It Also Gives almost 90% Collecting Rate
Gather And Crafting:
Sprites can have up to 3 crafting/gathering skills. Most of the items your Sprite can gather are useful as raw materials for crafting. If your sprite can craft items, it can usually gather the materials it needs for crafting.

Hunting: Train your sprite to bring back fine furs and animal skins.
Mining: Put your sprite to work digging up ore and gemstones.
Foraging: Send your sprite to gather various types of herbs and plantlife.

Your Guardian Sprite (and some advanced Wild Sprites) also has the ability to reduce magical items into their base components.

Leveling Sprites:
Leveling Sprites Are Very Important.
At Early Levels You At Least Make Sure Your Sprite Skills Are 5 Levels Below You.
Simply By Collecting and Training Your Sprite Skills Give You Faster Experience For Leveling The Sprite Skills.

Crafting Tips:
Always Make Sure Your Relationship With Your Sprite Is Maxed.
It Is Located At Details.
Having a Max Relationship with your sprite increases the chances of crafting the item you want.
Have The Best Mood Of Your Sprite.
it also increases the chances of having it successful.
If Crafting Lv50 Yellows. Always have x5 the requirements for 100% success.

Thank You Very Much For Reading My Guide And I Hope It May Help You In The future.


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