Eden Eternal styles

General posted by Valkita - January 9th 2013

My first EE blog entry :3

One of the things I love about EE is the costume styles you see. Some players really spend a lot of time and effot to look good by buying outfits and dyeing them to their liking. While I don't have a lot of them myself, I still get a kick out of the cute styles (and an occasional screenshot X3). So I was thinking of the various looks that I find around EE:

Styles ~~~
Mecha or futuristic
Pink (you get other colors too, but pink is most popular and black)
Kimono (Japanese)
Ninja (or just ruinning around in stealth mode XD)
Cool (with the shades and pop-star outfits)
School (you get free school outfits at different intervals)
Derptastic (my term for random style XD)

That's all I can think of right now :/ I was trying to think of styles that have more than one piece to them. For example, I have a maid dress, but I can't think of any other accessory that is for a maid. At least not at this moment. Got to log on and see (then put it on my wishlist ^w^ ).


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