the chase

General posted by StarrNyte - January 8th 2013

A strange quite fell upon Black forest where lurking in the shadows were creatures both beautiful and dangerous. This forest was home to one of these creatures and this particular creature went by the name Thorne. He's what's known as a yearling for he's in his first year after the change. His dark brown locks looked messy and over grown, they hid his jade green eyes while he gazed up at the full moon. His lean body bathed in the moonlight, one of his legs hung down from the branch where he sat aloft. The only clothing he had on was a very worn pair of trousers that had rips and tares throughout them.

the forest was far to quiet, Thorne looked at the clearing below where a fallen tree laid. But the family of foxes that lived there were gone. It was a sure sign as any that something was going to happen tonight. Thorne took a breath of fresh night air only to have his senses assaulted by the metallic scent of blood; overwhelming as it was he managed to hold onto the last bit of his humanity he had left. Thorne's senses were more alert now and in the distance he heard the sounds of crunching leaves, snapping twigs, and pounding feet.

Meanwhile it was another sound which caught his attention, it was the sound of a racing heart. Thorne knew that he should leave as the sound of the heart was coming toward him. He stood and slowly backed up till his heel scrapped the tree's trunk. There in the shadows of many branches Thorne called on his uncanny ability to control plants. He used his ability to grow several new branches in between himself and the clearing; these new branches were there to hide him while also to restrain him.

Just as the branches finished growing a young woman came into the clearing, he could see by the moonlight that the bodice of her white gown was soaked with blood. The skirt of her gown was torn so that it ended just above her knees. Her boots as well as what remained of her skirt were covered with mud, leaves, and twig. In her cloak she held something that was wrapped in the torn pieces of her gown. On her back she had a long bow which crossed over a quiver full of arrows. Her ginger hair fell loose from her braid with twigs tangled in it, her topaz eyes were full of pain, fear, and sadness.

While she was running through the clearing she looked over her shoulder at that moment she stepped in the foxhole and the thing in her arms went flying. The woman let out a shocked gasp and reached out frantically trying desperately to catch it as it fell, but her attempts were in vain. Seeing this Thorne used his ability to grow soft moss as fast as he could; the thing landed with a soft muffled sound, the cloth had unwrapped some to expose what laid inside.

Thorne was taken aback by what he saw but what shocked him even more was what wasn't there. The thing wasn't a thing it was a child, an infant with hair as pale as snow. The baby looked so peaceful is if it was asleep, but there was no heartbeat. Thorne focused all his attention to the baby hoping against hope to hear the beating of its heart and there it was. The baby's heartbeat was so very faint and slow while getting slower. The woman crawled to the baby as fast as she could,she didn't stand until she had the baby back in her arms.

"Shhh... It's alright my lady we're almost there," the woman whispered to the baby.


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