how to annoy someone(please feel free to add to)

Friends posted by Loveless187 - January 8th 2013

-poke them.
-talk really loud when they are talking to someone.
-laugh weirdly when they look at you.
-stare at them and make it known that you are staring.
-prank call them constantly.
-(siblings)go to the bathroom at the same time as ur sibling, then take a long time in bathroom.
-constantly bring up that persons name as he or she is in the room and attribute it to everything that goes wrong in ur life, ex. "the tv is off, all because of BRYAN....this book isnt on the shelf, mustve been BRYAN...something is in front of me, oh wait its BRYAN...who is on the phone, BRYAN.."
-eat with ur mouth open.
-tell someone about the GAME, then make them lose.
-play loud music while sitting next to a person that wants to read quietly.
-invade their personal space(pop that bubble!)
-(works mostly on serious ppl, hard to do)constantly try sitting on them and start bouncing


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*flipping their stuff upside

posted by Loveless187 - Thu, 09/26/2013 - 6:20pm

*flipping their stuff upside down without saying anything