My Beginning, My Journey Starts...

General posted by AJAlucard - January 3rd 2013

It was a stressful day,when i was browsing the net for the ISO of the playstation games I play.. when i saw the advertisement of Wartune... I disregarded it at first..

Two days after it, when I have nothing to do at home and was thinking to go for a computer shop so that i could browse on facebook... and finally decided to do it..

So I did... go to computer shop... Rented.. browsed facebook..

And at the last 20 minutes of my one hour rent, i remembered that advertisement... Wartune..

So i browsed it and found it.

Suprisingly, I liked the gameplay and graphics..
Then the music... moreover then.. the growth of the game..

And once again, I am hooked by an online game..
Hoping that the last of my online gaming life would repeat its good side today..

Looking for online cooperation,
chit chats..

That's what i expect..
more than the complex and good gameplay..

And that .... and this..

was my beginning,
The start of my Journey...

as a wartune gamer..


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