im bored so ill make up a song T-T

Music posted by Loveless187 - December 30th 2012

sry sry sry, my dear my luv_, ur more beautiful than heaven_ above_, sry sry sry, i pray i might_, be able to c u day_ and night_, plz plz plz, take me back, i love u even more_ and that_ is a fact, plz plz plz, dont go away_, theres more that i have to say__......*chorus*my love my love_ plz dont be that way_, everyday i kno i have to pay_ for the things ive done now away u_ run, to a faraway place, at a rly fast o fast ur heart beat beat for me u kno it, yea u kno, beat for me babe, beat beat, STOP!*pause* in ur tracks, yea plz just relax, cuz i dont rly wanna, dont rly wanna hurt u babe*pause* again......*chorus*.....i text, u ignore, face to face, u still, "dam babe wats that for??, we'll never talk for sure" ...*chorus*....feet cramp up from ur run, ur not afraid to, but kno my love, ill treat u like ur so above, even after i show u wat i mean... o man o boy ur so low, with ur actions, hey! serious! im serious! trying fix, no more tricks...just me and u in this mix...


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