EENTM Cycle 2

General posted by iceprincehaha - December 29th 2012

I know I've no right in writing this blog about EENTM Cycle 2 because it's till not approved. But what I really want to write about is that I really want this Top Model in EE becaus it's the only game I've played (I'm playing 14 online games but I can't name them all cause those games are not my point here) that has the features of models. The gracefulness, the sweetness, the fierceness of all movements of the characters. This event should stay permanent in this game because it can fulfill the dreams of many model wannabees. It will show them that even though they don't have a chance in real life fashion industry, maybe they have the chance to be discovered in modelling but in a different aspect-maybe in an online or game modelling. The advantages of game modelling is that in game modelling the fashion styles are ALL acceptable. It would definitely apply to everybody and costumes of both genders are equally elegant either it's prime,alpha or normal. If EE would continue this event like what ANTM is doing, maybe, just maybe, this game may appear on TV commercials, Cosmetics commercials, and may even be featured in fashion magazines like Vogue and Nylon or even Cover Girl. Those are the possibilities that this event may create thus making this game more popular not only on game lovers but also to those who are dreaming to be a model someday.
I hope that this blog will touch the hearts of game creators whatsoever just like it touched mine to keep EENTM running towards becoming a permanent event of this game.!!

~FIERCE and LOVE, Iceprince!


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Fun event :3

posted by Valkita - Tue, 01/08/2013 - 12:23pm

I love it too! It is fun to see what people come up with :3