Boxing Day

General posted by christopher487 - December 26th 2012

Slept till 2:30 pm today. Woke up played some Maplestory and went off with family to West Edmonton Mall.

First thing was grub! I was starving right after I took a dump this afternoon, we all went to Edo to eat. My favorite choice was Number one-Sukiyaki Beef, and it's also the cheapest :)
Right next door was Galaxyland and Tutti Frutti-an ice cream shop. We would drop by later after we all went and spent some cash.

We visited H&M and that's where I bought my brand new Beanie hat! ($12.00 CDN) It's gonna be my new lucky charm every time I play SF (soldier front lol) and it's warm and fuzzy. I also brought a light cyan colored crew neck ($15.00 CDN), it looks pretty sick with my Beanie hat.

My little brother bought the same stuff as usual lol. My mom and sister wanted to go take a look at some boots and dresses, so me and my brother would buy some time by watching from the sidelines people enjoying themselves in Waterpark. we would see some kids trying to jump over the artificial tides and trip and then fall face first onto the next incoming tide. Laugh at them...On a side note, if anyone is going to Waterpark, I recommend trying out the Sky Screamer, it's worth it at least once in your life!

After that we went to Tutti Frutti (ice cream store) We got 3 cups of ice cream with a total of around $15.00 CDN, so $5.00 ea per person isn't
bad for making an Ice cream of your choice!

Wanted to return or exchange a PS3 Batman Arkham City in EB Games, but of course they suck and no can't exchange b/c there wasn't a sticker on it. We got it as a Christmas gift but no sticker was attached when we received it, just a receipt...

I have one thing to say and that there were a lot of hot girls at the mall :) hot, pretty, and cute lol

We went to the new supermarket in the north side that opened recently: Lucky 97. We ordered some PHO there and ate. they give you a huge ass bowl, your cat can fit inside of it and take a bath, and it's only worth $5.00 a person, they also give you lots of noodles and beef/meat! unlike the other restaurants.


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