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General posted by SilverRoses7 - December 26th 2012

Not really here for the games anymore. Just need a place to let off some steam.

I was looking through all of this old Aeria stuff, (my old blogs, friends pages) and I was just pondering why I was such an idiot back then. Why I took everything so seriously, when in reality, it was just a computer game. It was all just a virtual reality I made because I was just a sad little girl who didn't get enough attention. Please ignore my putting myself down, for I really just don't give a **** what anyone has to say about it, anyway. K.

Another thing I noticed is that I'm like one of the only ones left on here. I guess it's not surprising. I think I'll delete all of my old stuff and blog about daily life and write some stories or something.

K bye.


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posted by Zen17z - Thu, 01/03/2013 - 2:56pm

I have not really gone anywhere just quite busy. Also feels good to know you still remember me lol and miss me for that matter. I missed you all for a while as well. Don't worry as this time I plan to keep looking out on aeria for messages and such to respond to. If you ever have a question or just want to talk in a way just leave a message somewhere. Hope you are doing well. Well that is all for now so cya later. - Zen

Zen. I miss you. Where have

posted by SilverRoses7 - Tue, 01/01/2013 - 8:56pm

Zen. I miss you. Where have you been. :c


posted by Stormmyboy - Sat, 12/29/2012 - 7:52pm

I hear alot of people reasoning like you do, its "just a game". And you say its just a virtual reality you made up yourself, like it wasnt real. And in a sense thats true, whatever u played was a game and Grand Fantasia wich i play is also just a game, but what makes it real are the people.... Cause they aint "just a game", they do play "just a game" but when you talk to them, yell at them, hate them, love them it has nothing to do with the game at all anymore. I dont know your story SilverRoses since I dont know you, but I think that you just like most of us experienced alot of drama while playing the game. But the drama isnt caused by monsters or bosses are they, its all about the people you meet. And I dont think you should diminish your experience by just refereing to it as something virtual and unreal, its not very fair. I doubt you where an idiot before just cause you took your realtions with gamefriends seriously. People are people, Im everybit as real as you are, just because you see me as pixels on your screen doesnt make me or anyone any less. Anyways, coming here and letting of some steam is a good thing so I hope to hear more of u ;)

Few Left

posted by Zen17z - Fri, 12/28/2012 - 8:03pm

Brings back a lot doesn't. I do come on to check on who ever is left and always happy to read what they post. So looking forward toward your blog about pretty much whatever it is. I may check more often now though. Been wondering how all of you have been.
- Zen