Eden eternal

Gaming posted by krysty35 - December 26th 2012

I have NEVER leveled so fast in this game. But EE has some problems.
Why do you get to send mail at level 30? Why do you need world call to talk on world?why do you need to be lvl 35 to have a house? Why do you need AP? Why do Eden only have 2 servers? We need more room.especially in Aven. I don't care how much channels we have we just need more room!

Oki oki i went overboard with this but still. Thank for listening to my complaints!


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posted by Valkita - Fri, 12/28/2012 - 4:45pm


It's OK :3 Even the most ardent EE players have their complaints with the game. Then again, no game is perfect. I would agree, some of the level requirements have no reason (though some prevent bots and troll accounts).

What do you like about EE?

(Sry, I like to read EE blogs and I see yours is recent ^_^)