December 26th Real Xmas day :)

Friends posted by christopher487 - December 26th 2012

Today was better than yesterday! Celebrating Christmas and New Years !!

Yay, things to do: play portal 2 with everyone there and at the same time playing Canada edition Monopoly board game! Lots of fun for a couple of hours and after that, we switched over to the Pool table area in the basement.

Played an intense card game called MAFIA for several hours nonstop, loads of fun but I really hope the quiet people can contribute more next time we play! Lots of jokes and fun all around, threw nerf darts at each other for no reason. I was the narrator and i made some awesome storytelling time which was pretty gruel because hey, it's Mafia! We all went back upstairs and made a quick turkey mini-sandwich! Beans, sliced turckey, mini-buns, some extra sauce with pop on the side. MMMM dericious I gotta say,
aside from asian parents having a bit of drama everything else was great!

Can't wait for tomorrow because... It's BOXING DAY! :) Gonna find some new Beanie hats and crew-necks! After that a gaming night with my pals on Friday. Can this week get any better? I'd hope so!


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