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Shaiya posted by Valtoko - December 20th 2012

Hi I am Valtoko I have never really written a blog before, but here it goes. I'm a gamer at heart as well as a poet. So if you want to read a poem feel free to ask. However I ask that you be wary you never know when I am online, nor would you know when I post something after this. Since I am a game player I'll let you know I play Shaiya and DK (Dragon Knight) online. If anyone knows when a new server for DK online is gonna be opened let me know. Now I did say I was a Poet So here is one for your enjoyment.

Eternal light and darkness
Such is the balance of the world.
Chaos and harmony.
The two sides of the same coin.
A dream filled with hatred and despair.
The dream of freedom and peace.
Each gives rise to constant conflict.
Such is the dream of the world.
As the future is determined.


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posted by Valtoko - Thu, 12/20/2012 - 12:19am

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