Never Walk Alone

Anime posted by ThornRaiden - December 19th 2012

Additional Detail:

This is purely an imaginative dabble of what I could vision Eden Eternal world is. Any ign and personality of those associated with the ‘villains’ and ‘heroes’ are purely for artistic sense. Songs that inspired me to write this: “Kaya mo” by Protein Shake, “One, Two, Three, Go!” by Belanova, and “Fearless” by Falling Up.

Have fun reading.

Never Walk Alone

It was chaos, excitement and amazement in all forms. Beings from all walks of life and races were shouting at potential customers. The viewer was astonished by the amount of gold and items being passed between the vendors and consumers. When his eyes landed on a particular item, the item would be sold within moments before he could place the gold on the table. The vendors in Aven continued to work their magic in order for their products to be sold.

He knew he stood out like a sore thumb; after all it was his first time being in this city. Weeks ago, he had heard from a local merchant in Goss Mountains and his guild mates that he could find exotic creatures for sell here. It was only now he finally entered the town of Aven. Hearing restless on his backpack, the pudgy features of his magic dog appeared. “Hiya boy, I know it’s crowded there but you might get lost around this many people,” said his owner. He maneuvered around the throngs of people packed around the sellers.

It was quite difficult to say the least. Everyone was everywhere in the city. He sometime found it hard to even move, his feet glued to the ground. Folks of Ursun, Anuran, Zumi, Halfkin and Human crowded the city, as if they were tiny ants around their queen, except ants were organized. He decided to move out of the busier parts of the city to the quieter areas of selling.

“Aren’t chu a cute boy,” said a velvet voice, calling out to him as he walked. He turned around to see a woman with violet hair and golden eyes looking at him. He bowed his head in greeting, unsure what he was supposed to do. “And you’re polite as well, my my. Come talk to me, I’m feeling quite lonely here. Nobody wants to talk little ol’ me,” said the woman, pouting, “wanna tell me your name, boy? They call me xErza.”

“I’m ReiRaiden, please to meet you,” said ReiRaiden as he turned around and the dog barked, “and his name is Zeny.” Going over the area where xErza was at, he stared at the wondrous items around her. From pink bunny-shape cestuses to blue spite wings, she had an assortment of merchandise. They were, however, not the items he was looking for.

But a sound caught Raiden’s attention; he glanced at the beautiful obsidian scales shining in the light. Then, the head popped out and it only took that moment for Raiden to want the pet. Seeing Raiden’s reaction, Erza smiled and said, “Isn’t she lovely, I’ve been looking for someone to take her. I’ll give her to you for one thousand gold coins.”

“Why,” confusion came out of Raiden’s voice, “she is beautiful, plenty of people must want her.”

Erza flicked her tongue over her teeth, making a wet sound, “There is nothing wrong with that. Just I found most people distasteful, and I like you boy.”

It was foolish not to take the striking creature for such a cheap bargain. “Deal,” thrill enveloped his voice. The woman unchained the small wyvern and guided her to her new master. Like the first time Raiden got Zeny, Raiden let out his hand for his new member to familiarize herself with him. “What should I name you?”

Erza voiced her opinion, “She loves apples.”

Looking at his new pet and seeing the scarlet orbs, he finally decided, “I’ll call you, Apple.” He noticed a small pearl-white diamond-shape mark on the sides of the dark thunder wyvern. Turning his head, Raiden wanted to say his thanks to Erza, but he saw her nowhere. She vanished like smoke, no trace of her presence around the area near Amo. And seeing the time on the clock tower, he was going to be late for the guild meeting if he didn’t hurry up.

Taking out a small device he got when he entered the guild, he activated it to teleport him to the Eden Glen his guild was located at. The vivid luscious forest called and pleased his hunter senses. He called forth his tiger to meet the newest member of their force. “Tiger, Zeny meet Apple. Apple, these two are your friends,” said Raiden, smiling. He let his pets out so they can all familiarize with each other instead of what happened when Zeny and Tiger first met.

He was alerted to his guild mates by their chattering. “Wow, can you believe someone pay ten thousand gold coins for a dark thunder wyvern only for that person to realize the thing he got was a different useless pet?” The voice who asked the question belonged to Halfkin. Her mage outfit enhanced the energy streaming from her petite form. Her huge eyes lit up with mischief and delight as she spotted her favorite slav… person to play with.

“Nana, this is why I been telling chu cash on delivery is the most prone to all sorts of hideous acts, che,” said the distinct voice of the only Zumi in the group. His short statue hid his abilities with the shield and club. Some people would consider the tiny tank to be brittle but the rings on his ears were medallions of conquering the harshest bosses.

“We just have to warn the players in our guild about being careful with their purchases, Ham” said the leader of the guild, wearing the pristine robes of priesthood. Remi saw a stain in his clothes, probably when Rhap hosted his party where he stayed after all other guests left, and moved his shield to cover the mark.

“I’ll notify guild through the message board, Rem” responded another human, wearing jester clothes. His cool and composed demeanor greatly contrasted the playfulness and laces of his outfit. “Hello Raiden,” said the illusionist walking towards the message boards, his mecha pet following its master.

“So we ready for world boss hunting,” said the leader, steering the conversation towards the reason the guild meeting was about. “When Rhap comes back, I’ll grab the quest and hunt those bosses down.” Seeing the signal for them to rest, Nana and Ham went where Raiden was. After Raiden was invited to the guild, it was Nana and Ham that partied with Raiden for his first guild boss hunt. And ever since then, they were a team.

“So how was your trip to Aven, ReiRei?” Nana asked, sitting down next to Raiden. Ham sat down as well, before remembering he need to mine ores for a commission he wanted Rhap to do.

“Great, I got a deal for Apple,” said Raiden. Following where his head was turned to, Nana saw Raiden’s pets playing with each other. She saw the splendor wyvern and commented how beautiful she was. “Yeah, I got Apple really cheaply.” Before Nana could ask how cheap, Rhap made his way back to the group. Seeing his vice-leader come back, Remi led the team to the first of many guild bosses they will fight.

The group was exhausted. Their clothes were in shards, their weapons were crumbing, and their faces were filled with grime. But they were smiling. Their efforts were rewarded with the towering, shining construction proudly displayed as the highlight of the guild town. Raiden was, especially, elated how his pets worked together against the giant guild bosses. With Apple in his team, Raiden was becoming stronger, a boon for him and his guild. Bidding farewell to his guild mates, he went on to the next area where trouble was looming. He just didn’t know trouble was coming for him.

The next day, the news of the scam spread to all corners of the world. Everyone was wary of others and the fragile relationship between sellers and buyers became violate. But it didn’t matter to Raiden, who was training with his pets. It was a fine day for him, gaining experience and bonding with his pets.

Suddenly, he got a message from xErza saying she needed help. Meeting her in a rather shady location, Raiden wondered kind of dilemma Erza had. “Boy, thank you for coming. Look, I need you to take this pile and cross to Witchcraft Forest. When you are there, contact me using my name and I’ll be there,” said Erza, smiling. Owning to the lady who lowered her price, Raiden headed to his destination without asking too much questions. Unknown to Raiden, the victim of the scam, a friend of Remi, arranged a group of people to apprehend. The group consisted of Remi, Nana, Rhap and Ham going after this ‘NightRider’ and any associates she might have.

“I get that he is your friend Remi, but why only five percent of the money stolen,” complained Nana. Ham nodded with her, he thought a ten percent of the money would be a better value.

“We are not here to catch a villain for money; we’re here to right a wrong,” spoke Rhap.

“It is exactly what Rhap said, we are making a statement that scamming will not be tolerated,” said Remi, who headed the group what his friend said he made contact with this ‘NightRider’ at Witchcraft Forest. They needed to find clues if they wanted to the con-artist.

Perspiration drenched his clothes when he finally arrived at Witchcraft Forest. After getting tired from his hit-and-run tactics with mobs of monster, he finally took to one of those aircrafts that would take him to Witchcraft Forest. He was about to call out to Erza, when something slammed into him and yelled out, “I see a ReiRei!” Raiden fell to the ground and the something; or rather someone took advantage of the situation by riding him like a donkey.

“Nana, I think chu hit Rei too hard,” mirth came from the voice of Ham.

“It is okay. ReiRei can handle anything,” said Nana, smiling as she heard the groans and moans of the fallen Eternal Child. She continued her assault on Raiden by jumping up and down like a small child in a pony machine. Rhap lifted Nana up from Raiden. Nana complained, sticking out her tongue, “Aww, you’re no fun, Rhap. Anyway, ReiRei, why are you here?”

“I was looking for my friend. She said she was going to be around here. Why are you guys here?” The curiosity in his voice at why his guild mates are here, looking ready to fight.

“We’re here to arrest the scammer that used one of my friends,” said Remi, “we could a hand Raiden.”

“Sure, just let me call my friend if she is coming,” said Raiden, going to send a private message to Erza using the name she gave him. “Hi, Erza, are you coming?” He got a message back that they should meet in front of Strumfrau in an hour. “Yes, Remi, I can help you guys until I meet my friend.”

They divided up; Ham, Nana and Raiden searching north of the area while Remi and Rhap took the southern region. Even after all the waves of legions and monsters, the party could not find any trance of the would-be scammer. It was as if she didn’t exist at all. Nana growled, “I could have be making enchantments for sell, but I’m stuck searching for this person.” She used her magic to cover the area with a frost storm.

“Che, I agree with chu,” said Ham, who delivered the final blow to the Black Hand legion elite leader. With his trained eyes, Raiden sniped down the remaining legion. “Getting tired of fighting these guys, che,” wariness came to the small Zumi, “can we take a break?”

“Yeah, I am supposed to be meeting up my friend anyway. See you guys later,” spoke Raiden.

“Rei, we’ll come with chu. That way we can keep chu safe,” teasing came from Ham with Nana giggling. Raiden just smiled. As they arrived near the roots of the massive tree, Raiden tried to spot where Erza could be. “So where is chu friend?”

“I don’t know, she should be already here,” confusion dawned to Raiden. “What is this stuff?” Random spots of scarlet liquid mixed with the water erupting at the base of the tree.

“Look, guys there is a note!” Nana grabbed the note and said, “I took a hostage, come find me in Strum and save her. It was signed with NR! That scammer must have taken your friend to Strumfrau! I’ll call Remi to get their behinds over here.” It only took minutes for Remi and Rhap to appear with their twin majestic chimeras.

Reading the note, Remi made a command, “We are going to Strum. Be on guard and be alert. This villain took a hostage! This ‘NightRider’ is dangerous. Not only are we going to arrest this person, we are going to rescue Raiden’s friend!”

They entered the dungeon and were disoriented by the dirty yellow haze over the area. But they recovered just enough to dispatch the incoming Black Hands out of commission. They were relieved that the people they were after weren’t harmed by the Black Hands as they dealt with an officer of the Black Hands. Getting deeper, the haze lessened it its disorienting ability and Raiden found the area unique. Soft light gently lighting the hues of green of the plants and moss of the region, it was a vivid scene and one would dispelled if one didn’t purge deeper into the land. The peaceful quiet admiration, however, was interrupted by the most unlikely person of the group.

“Oh, in the foulest and holiest of names, why does this place have so many yucky bugs!?” Rhap yelled out. The group was shocked, well maybe not Remi, that Rhap was afraid of bugs. They all laughed at their calm and collect vice-leader of the guild getting all worked up. “Why are you guys laughing!? Why do you guys think this is funny! Everything I see bugs, I see red!” Rhap continued yelling out while continuous chanting out rapid ice spells at the insects and his energy doesn’t disappear because he could replenish it. Despite their laughter, they trended the infested area carefully.

“There were giant insects with bigger claws, why weren’t chu screaming then!?” Ham had to yell out or Rhap’s nonsense would have overwhelmed the Ham’s high-pitched voice.

“There is just too many of them right now!”

More screaming from Rhap came as hordes of appearing insects of all kinds and sizes. Raiden was just glad that after chains of arrows, blizzards, scourging flames, astonishing holy hammers, attacking pets and a Zumi going berserk didn’t harm the beauty of the environment. The group finally stopped to rest and plan to make sure Raiden’s friend was not harmed and they could catch ‘NightRider’. “If plan A doesn’t work, then we go to plan B, if that doesn’t work-”

“We go to plan C until we go to plan Z if all other plans don’t work. If plan Z doesn’t work, we go to plan AA to plan ZZ. Remi, we know, we got chu, che” interrupted Ham.

“Just making sure, I need to strategize ahead. Every move counts,” said Remi.

“Don’t chu worry, I know I got the right moves. I just don’t know if Rei has moves, che.”

“ReiRei got moves, trust me on that,” said Nana, giggling.

“...Do we even want to know?” asked Rhap in a hoarse voice. Raiden was shaking his head and knew it was Nana’s plan on embarrassing him. And it was working, he wanted to yell out. But a terrified shriek alerted the group that someone was being attacked by the lurking creatures of the place.


“Help me!” The team assembled into a fighting force. Rapid fire arrows halted the claws of the monster, a massive purple coat shelled insect. Using her elemental control of elements, Nana hurled fireballs and thunder bolts. Enraged, the boss let out a gruesome cry and focused its attention on the group. Before it let out its bile, Ham jumped in the air and slammed into the creature with his shield.

It cried again, but this time to call the resting insects by its side. The one of the bugs in the army attacked adjacent to its comrades against its own will. The boss found the source of the disturbance at the illusionist. Rhap took control of the bug like a puppet while encasing his party in a time-speeding area. The boss swung its claw, blowing away Ham and putting him into a daze. It took the opportunity to lock eyes with the Halkin mage before rushing to her. Nana cried out taking a blow to her abdomen. Acting quickly, Rhap use his sleeping hypnosis to let Remi heal the injuries of the group. Invoking the holiest and sacred powers, Remi casted spells that recover, refresh and heal the party.

Seeing the sleeping boss, Nana, in one hand, used a blazing spell to send small burns and, in the other hand, used icy chills to send shivers on the creature. Round two commenced when both Nana and Rhap used their ultimate magic to laid waste on the remaining small bugs and massive damage on the boss. Ham provoked the boss. Ham, using the sharp edge of his shield, rammed his shield on one of the legs with strength unknown from his race. Cracking, the shield tore through the thick shell of the leg, ripping off the limb from the body. Seeing the creature fall down, Nana, Rhap and Raiden delivered the finishing blows.

Not even concerned by the loot the party got, Raiden ran to Erza’s side. Before he could ask if she was alright, a distorted voice ordered them to surrender, “Put away your weapons before I obliterate you!” Stunned, everyone saw an engineer. The engineer was in his mecha state, but unlike regular engineer’s robot form it was clad in black. “Just give me all your money and no one gets hurt. One by one you start handing me your money. Let your planning ‘leader come first, he looks weak. Quick, hurry up, I don’t have all day!”

There was a gleam in the eyes of Remi. Remi started going to where the engineer was with his pouch full of gold. When the ‘NightRider’ touched the leader of the pouch, Remi acted. Grabbing a hidden small mace from his sleeves, he whacked the robot, before summoning a tornado.

“Wow, Remi what plan was that, che?”

“No, no plan at all,” asked Remi. “Don’t call me weak ever again,” saying this to the now unconscious man, Remi thought it was finally over. He turned around and saw Raiden now was being taken as a hostage. He should have seen that coming, he sighed, why do thieves revel themselves at the last minute. “Don’t talk me, you are the real mastermind and that person over there is your henchman? Also you reveal yourself at the last moment since you’re afraid of what your henchman would be saying against you?”

“You’re a clever little man. It is what you said. Now hand over all your money and my man, then you can get boy safely,” smiled Erza vindictively.

“Is this how you do it? You take another name when you want to steal someone’s money. I have seen your name around, you’re a good merchant why swoop so low?”

“Why? Why, you’re the clever one, little man. You should ask why I shouldn’t. It is not my fault or problem people don’t check what item they have brought. But you’re right, I am a good merchant. Any good merchant does how to make the most profit,” said Erza. Then she whispered to Raiden, “Now, boy, give me my profit and nobody gets hurt.”

Unknown to all of them, Apple was sneaking up on Erza. She bit the hand of her former keeper. She dug her fangs deeper onto the flesh of Erza as Apple thought of what Erza was doing against Raiden. Erza howled at the pain and let go of Raiden. Taking Apple’s help with distracting Erza, Raiden dropped below and sweep kicked Erza to the ground. He readied his bow and arrow at the heart of person who sold Apple to him. Erza knew she lost; it was all a risk in her world.

The group breathed easy as the light of the sun caressed their faces. They were out of Strumfrau with no causalities and they got the bad guys. Remi and Rhap brought Erza and her cohort to the police and Remi’s friend. Moments later, the alert in their mails alert the remaining team of their reward money.

“So, after fighting all that don’t chu think we should have lunch,” said Ham, holding his puny stomach.


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