Hidden Death

General posted by Milkyway45 - December 18th 2012

Before the Hidden Death Kekabu guild boss fight,everyone is buffing up.
"I hope this is not a fail.",said Emi.
"Give me some buffs already!,said Mel.
"Don't rush me!",said Emi.

And they went on and on....until the boss fight and everyone's ready.

"Everyone's ready,right?,said Rage.
They all agreed.
"Okay,let's go!",said Rage.

The fight began.

Kekabu launched her Frost Breath,and Emi panicked.

"Eek!!!!",shrieked Emi.
"Heal! Heal! Heal and dodge it!",screamed Mel.

Kekabu attacked with her Webb Knot,followed up by another Frost Breath.

"OH NO!!!!!",screamed Emi.
She had died.

And when the team had killed half of her health bar,she used a Metamorphosis!

She had healed up,but luckily she attacked her fast enough to kill her.

The team cheered with happiness!

"Yay......",sadly said Emi laying on the sandy floor.

But the team had cheered her back to happiness!

The team had collected their items,and they knew how to deal with Kekabu now,so they cheered and left to do their quests.


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Congrats :3

posted by Valkita - Sun, 12/23/2012 - 9:40am

You tried hard and the team won too X3. I hear Kekabu is sooo very difficult >.<