[Contest Entry] Birth of a Guardian

Anime posted by TorisLietuva - December 18th 2012

It was dark... no, it was pitch black. Nothing, not even a single ray of light could be seen. What was this place? Nothing could be felt either... it was hard to tell whether this was an open space or a confined one. She couldn't feel a thing. Not the sensation of heat, nor the bite of cold, not even her own limbs. What was she? Where was she? Was she even alive? This void... was she always here? How long has she been in this void? Did time in here even exist?

These questions rung in her head. She couldn't understand where they came from or how she could hear them. Who's voice was that? Was it even a voice? Ah, was she moving? Was she suspended? Or trapped? So many questions came, one after another, but not a single answer was found until...

What was that? A noise? A sound! Something hazy... blurry... but it was there! She listened carefully; they... they were not a voice, they were... clanking sounds. One... two... three... maybe it was a clock? No, it didn't sound like one. It was more like glass being struck by something sharp. Ah! a cracking noise! Ohh, it echoed, how it echoed! The cracking noise was like thunder! It surrounded her, booming from each side. She was scared. What was going on? Was... was the void breaking? More sound came... this time it was... ahh, so familiar... this noise... it was a voice! Someone was yelling, yes! There was someone out there! More voices followed the first one, bringing in a sense of coldness... cold. She felt it! She could feel the cool air, it surrounded her. Slowly, she felt every inch of her body that the air touched; her fingers, hands and arms, toes and legs, even her nose! She could feel her body, but... she couldn't move, not yet... Pressure.. there was pressure! The void... it was a small place, so small she barely fit! So she had been trapped?

"Is she a..."
"Yes, we found another one! Quick, take her back to the village!"

She could understand the voices now... were they talking about her? Oh, warmth... she felt something warm and strong embrace her, pulling her to itself. She could hear a heart beat. Calm, steady... unlike hers, that she started to feel but a few moments ago. Her heart pounded hard, it raced but she didn't know why at first. Just a few moments passed and the answer was clear; she needed air! She hadn't been breathing for a while and only now did she realise that she had to! The girl couldn't move though, not even open her mouth! Her chest was getting so heavy it started to hurt! Breathe! breathe! Open! Mouth! Just-

"Ah!" The girl quickly sat up as her sky blue eyes shot open. She took in the deepest breath as quickly as she could before immediately exhaling. After panting for a few moments, making sure she has had enough air, the blue eyed girl relaxed and looked around. She was in a cave. A dim and damp one, but for her eyes it was a beautiful sight. So many shades of brown and grey, oh and look at the textures! As she turned her head she came face to face to the man that was carrying her. Well, man wouldn't be the correct term for him, as this was an Ursun. He smiled at the young girl who not only looked confused, but slightly frightened as well.

"Good morning, guardian." The bear man grunted out. The girl just watched him quietly. He had spoken to her, but she was unable to form words... Parting her lips, she made a noise. That was a start... she attempted again and again, but all she managed to do was make noises. The Ursun merely chuckled, calmly carrying her. "It's okay, don't strain yourself. Everyone like you has to take some time to get their senses working." The girl just nodded at him a little, the fear from before vanishing. "Since you have the time, you should think up a name for yourself. Getting called guardian gets confusing, believe me." The carrier of the girl spoke up again. The blonde one just slowly leaned forward, resting against the large man's chest. She burrowed her face in it and let out a little grunt in response. The bear man let out a low chuckle, not saying much else.

Soon the two walked out of the cave and bright sunlight hit their bodies.
"Nnnhh!" The human girl quickly covered her eyes and curled up in a ball. Seeing sunlight for the first time was painful for her recently opened eyes.
"It's okay, calm down." The Ursun spoke again. "I know it's bright, but you'll get used to it. Now, turn back towards the field... you can close your eyes closed for now, just let the sun warm your face."

The girl hesitated to do as asked, but having no choice she turned her head towards the sunlight. Her eyes were closed but even then it didn't seem like it was dark any more... the bright burning celestial body reached out with it's rays and with the most gentle and careful touch, it stroked the girl's cheeks. It felt nice; it really did. A smile spread across her face, her shoulders relaxed. Her senses were filled with the songs of the birds, the moaning of the trees, the chatter of the animals in the fields, and the babbling of the waterfall nearby. Encouraged by those wonderful noises the girl slowly opened her eyes. She could finally see, now that the light no longer blinded her... and oh, what did she see! The view was beautiful! So many bright colours, flowers dipped in rainbows, water as pure as crystals and oh that infinite, infinite bright blue sky with just a few tiny clouds playing at the edges of the horizon.

This was paradise.

The girl leaned back against the bear and watched the scenery with a content smile of her face... those colours... all of them. They were beautiful. She felt lucky to be able to see them; even if this was the last time she'd get to see this, the girl would not be upset...
The Ursun then started walking again, heading for a village nearby. They both stayed quiet for the majority of the walk, mainly because the girl couldn't talk yet.

While being carried, the girl was swung softly from side to side, getting lulled by the gentle movement and the comfy warmth of both the man and the sun. Her eyes kept closing for longer and longer periods of time, but the girl just wanted to watch the view... "a... aurora..." A mumble escaped her lips as she closed her eyes once again.
"Hmm? Aurora? Is that what you're going to call yourself?" The man questioned, looking down at the sleepy body in his arms.
"Mhh..." The girl just hummed out, too out of it to give a proper response. The Ursun just cracked a small smile.
"It's okay, you have plenty of time to think this over..." He spoke, but knew full well that the girl had already fallen asleep and did not hear his words.


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