Nightmare Revisited Final Chapter

Gaming posted by StephyLeonheart - December 18th 2012

Chapter Four: on Death’s Dance Floor

After miles of travel and pure boredom, we finally made it to Death Valley. Dew drops were starting to fall as we traveled among this ominous plain. It was all somber, dead. It smelled like fresh carcass recently slaughtered and left on the road. The ground was weak and poor—it smelled like blood recently spilled for the pure enjoyment of the murderer. Dara was already getting sick to her stomach and refuses to take off the jacket she had on her face. It was understandable—this place smells awful. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can leave.

Asandra stopped the caravan in a lonesome hill nearby the Guillotine dungeon. It was clear of monsters, so it should be a safe spot to prepare. Everyone started to get their weapons and any potions that they could carry, and got off the caravan as swiftly as possible. And yet, I couldn’t even breathe, not because of the stench, however. It was because my dream started the exact same way as the day has gone. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked back and saw Juwan smiling at me. I smiled back in response.

After carefully scouting the surroundings, Asandra came back to the caravan, and reported the results.

— Well kiddies, — Asandra started, — let’s take a look around. I don’t see anything strange in sight, so we should just keep our eyes out for Luisaka.

With that said, we all started to walk. The rain began to intensify, to the point where our boots began to get mud from all of the wet dirt around the field. With my Roaring Thunder Blade in hand, I braced myself for the worse, since I knew… it was coming. I could feel my heart beating in light speeds. My nerves were pulsing beyond degree, but despite my emotions, I carried on.

We walked for miles and yet, not a single sight of anything. Eventually we reached a dead end, but there was something that I didn’t like about it.

Bodies of the many fallen warriors to Luisaka’s grasp in a corner of the dead end, all piled up on top of each other. Blood was surrounding the dreadful pile alongside their former weapons. We stood shocked, yet amazed. How can such a creature not be defeated by many Eternal Guardians? And I thought Oisadar in Shiver Peak was bad…

Then I heard a large thump.

Everyone stood still. Not a single sound was made. I began to sweat. My adrenaline rush kicked into high gear, my eyes were blinking rapidly. Everyone’s voices seemed to fade out of my head, hearing nothing. I turned around and looked straight up. At that moment, I just stood there. I was looking, frozen, paralyzed, and having fearful thoughts. Seeing my nightmare come to life made me wonder if I was dreaming again. Then I heard one lonesome voice screaming out loud:


In a split second, reality came back to me. I jumped back as swiftly as I could to avoid its gigantic foot from squishing me flatter than a pancake and landed flat on my back. Asandra rushed in to my aid and picked me up fast.

— Seles! SNAP OUT OF IT! We have to go! — The only thing I heard from him.

Regaining my sanity, I grabbed my sword, got back to my feet, and ran like a bat out of hell. Luisaka was chasing us rapidly; we knew we couldn’t outrun it. That is when I do the unthinkable…

I stopped and faced the raging Luisaka. Everyone just stopped on their tracks.

— What the hell are you doing?! RUN FOR IT! — I heard Dara screaming.

I looked back at my guild mates and smiled.

— This is something that I have to do, — I told them, — please, run. I’ll be back shortly.

— We’re not leaving without you Seles! — Asandra shouted.
— Are you crazy? You’ll die if you stay here!
— So will you! — I heard AcidKid shout.

My guild mates gave up. They all ran with concerned looks on their faces. Juwan kept staring, and eventually took off. I could have sworn I saw a tear on his face.

I concentrated back to Luisanka. Its bare fangs were full of blood from its most recent dinner, possibly a soldier from the nearby village. It kept glaring at me violently, like if I was to become the dessert. I kept my left hand on my sword’s hilt at all times.

I sheathed my sword and positioned it horizontally in front of my face. I took a deep breath and broke a sweat.
— Game’s over Luisaka. — I whispered to myself.

Luisaka lunged. I took a leap to the air, spreading rose petals on my step and gracefully landed on the beasts back. As it began to shake, I grabbed on to a horn on its back. I held on for dear life as it tried to remove me. I knew I was going to lose the grip eventually, so I did my final dance…

In one of its rages, it pushed itself upward. I used this moment as an elevation and went skyward, twisting and twirling in the air, as if I was having an aerial waltz. When I felt like I couldn’t go higher, I fell from the sky, with sword in hand, and took my chance.

One single, concentrated, yet fearful slash was all that it took.

I fell hard on the floor face first. I felt an insane pain from my left leg; I possibly have broken a few bones in that leg—I was never the strongest one of the team. The rain nearly became a monsoon as I struggled to get up, still with my sword in hand.

Luisaka stood still, slowly having its head, perfectly-clean cut, removed from its body. As the head slammed to the floor, the entire body fell to the floor as well. I struggled to approach the head, placed my sword at my hilt, and proceeded to take its head on my arm while trying to maintain control of my left leg in the process. I let out a small laugh. Lightning broke the sky as I walked away, all covered in mud, with my left leg in shambles and my prized Luisaka’s head on the right hand, walking away from its remains.

— Can’t wait till the guildies see this… — I whispered to myself.

I marched of, slowly but proudly, as the sun began to shine its rays on my body.


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