Nightmare Revisited Chapter Three

Gaming posted by StephyLeonheart - December 18th 2012

Chapter Three: The Departure

While feeding my adorable Siamese Kitty named Micaiah, I get a knock on the door. As I approach the door, a note slides under it. I bend over to pick it up, and open it carefully. It basically stated that the guild was ready to leave for the expedition. I petted Micaiah on her head and scratched her neck.

— I’ll be back in a while, sweetie pie. I left you some extra food in case if I take a while, — I told my sweet kitty. — Please don’t give me that sad look. I’ll be fine.

Micaiah purrs and starts caressing my legs. Oh, this kitty. She’s very affectionate. I picked her up and snuggled her softly. She’s mommy’s cute kitty, yes she is! I gently placed her back down and proceeded to leave my room.

There was a caravan wagon on the bottom of the hill where the rooms of every guild member were, nearby the entrance to the Guild Town. Dara was carrying some potions and other supplies to the back of the wagon, while my Guild Leader, Asandra, was inspecting the caravan itself. Juwan was checking his Hecate’s Serpentine Staff, making sure that it hasn’t lost any of its magical attributes. In case if things get dicey, AcidKid is going to join in and give us emergency healing. As I walk to see the caravan, Asandra speaks.

— Good afternoon everyone, — Asandra says, in his hard, serious tone, — as you can all tell by now, no one has ever made it alive from Luisaka.

At that moment, I had no choice but to gulp. Asandra notices, gives me a concerned look, and continues.

— We may be some of the greatest Eternal Guardians that Eden Eternal has to offer, but this doesn’t mean that we can let our guard down. Stay alert at all times, and if you get injured, seek AcidKid or Juwan if he’s not in proximity. All right?

Everyone shakes their heads in response.

— Good. We’re leaving when everyone feels ready. Just hop on the back of the caravan and we’ll set off.

Dara, Acid, and Juwan quickly go to the back of the caravan in an orderly fashion. I slowly approach the caravan, when Asandra puts his hand on my shoulder.

— Are you going to be okay Seles? — He asks.
— …Yeah. I’ll be fine, — I reply.
— …I just recently recruited you, Seles. Please be careful.
— I’ll do my best, boss.
— Good girl. Make me proud.

Asandra smiled confidently, and I reply with a smile of my own. I get on the back of the caravan while Asandra sits in the front, directing the horse, the Snow Colt, to the now exit of the Guild Town.


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