Nightmare Revisited Chapter Two

Gaming posted by StephyLeonheart - December 18th 2012

Chapter Two: Destinies Entwined

The morning sunshine was illuminating my face. I wasn’t exactly burning, but it warmed me up a lot. I yawned so loud that I woke up Juwan by accident. He smiled at me pleasantly while trying to rub his eyes.

— Good morning sweetie, — he said to me, — did you manage to sleep well?
— Indeed I did, — I replied, — I slept harder than Dostriv’s tusks.
— Haha! That’s very good then. No nightmares?
— Nope. None at all.

He hugs me gently.

— That’s good. You had me worried last night.
— I’m… I’m sorry…
— No, it’s okay… You were probably—

A sudden knock on my door interrupted our conversation.

— I wonder who could it be at this hour… — I thought to myself.
I walked up to the door and slowly opened it. It was actually Dara, second-in-command of my guild, Redemption.
— Good morning Selesnya! — She says with a blemish smile on her face.
— Good morning Dara, — I responded, — what cha doing up at this hour?
— Me… I wanted to invite you to something AWESOME!
— Invite me to what?
— We’re going on a MONSTER HUNT today!
— Ooh, that sounds like fun. Who are you guys hunting today?
— We’re going after Luisanka! I heard he’s pretty **** annoying! So we’re taking him down!

At that very moment, my whole body froze. My biggest nightmare would come to life; that horrible beast, Luisaka. This must be fate: either I take it down or it will haunt me for the rest of my life.

— …Luisaka? Are you serious? — I asked Dara.
— Yes sir. Something wrong about it? — She asked.
— No… N-no, it’s nothing. Nothing at all.
— Well… Okay! We’re going in three hours to Death Valley, so meet up at the Guild Town entrance to go on a caravan, okay?
— Sure… I’ll go.
— Okay! See you soon then!
— Later, Dara

At that moment, my heart began to fluster. As dreadfully gruesome as it sounds, it seems that I must take my greatest duet yet, dancing among this monster’s rage and rhythmically destroying its existence. I had no choice.

I went back inside my dormitory and closed the door. Juwan approached me and stared at me curiously.

— Wasn’t that Dara? — He asked.
— Yes it was honey. — I replied.
— What happened? She seemed very enthusiastic and you suddenly freaked out.
— …They’re going on an expedition today.
— Oh cool! Who’s the victim?
— …Luisanka.
— Wait. Really? Are you sure?
— …Yes.
— Cupcake, now’s the perfect chance!
— The perfect chance for what?
— To conquer your fear! You said you dreamed that Luisanka was killing you. Here’s the perfect chance to put those fears to rest!

I kept pondering about the possible consequences about this hunt. I might end up dead, or I might end up as a hero for all of Eden Eternal to see. However, it’s been said that whoever were to challenge Luisanka would fail… What are the odds that we can actually kill this thing?

— … Maybe it is, — I told him, in a low, nearly hushed tone, — maybe it is.
— Don’t worry honey; I’ll protect you, okay?
— …Yes. I’ll appreciate that. Thank you.

I hugged my beloved Juwan pretty hard. I was so nervous, thinking about what’s going to happen at any moment. He smiled and left my dormitory, saying he was going to prepare his gear for today’s hunt. I already had my gear prepped up in case if there was a hunt or something, so I just closed the door to my dorm and cleaned up the place and did other random things for the next three hours.


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