Nightmare Revisited Chapter One

Gaming posted by StephyLeonheart - December 18th 2012

Chapter One: The Dream

I can’t exactly tell what it was. Maybe it was just a childish nightmare, or something that happened to me recently. And yet, still…

It felt cold. The rushing water felt like an endless monsoon, rushing its fury upon my pale body. I couldn’t do anything but cry and scream towards the heavens. I begged to the elder gods for help with the voice of my soul, yet no signs of rescue were heard. Upon gazing at the vicious pupils of Luisaka, who stands before me, breathing mercilessly, charging towards me. My body was frozen, worse than the tundra of Shiver Peak, worse than Windsnap’s endless gusts of wind. I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t scream. I closed my eyes in fear as the horrendous demon approached my heart and went for the kill…

…Only to wake up.

My eyes quickly opened in the dead of night, only seeing the moon’s shining rays from my residential home of my guild town. My heart was racing faster than a Papineau being chased by the common adventurer. My liquid blue eyes kept swirling about, surveying my location; I was so scared that I grew paranoid. Before I knew, I had dew drops running through my face. My fear was just a myth, a fantasy. I removed my bed sheets that were protecting me from the frozen autumn night and got off my bed, only to walk towards the window. I placed my delicate hands on the glass and began to inspect the backyard: there was not a single rare object to be seen—the usual weapons and armor left behind by my guild mates, which is usually the gear that they now consider “useless” or “too weak”. Why don’t my guild mates take those weapons and things and donate them to Aven’s soldiers or something?

I took a deep breath and walked towards my fireplace. No wonder I was freezing my peacock feathers off—the fire went out. How silly of me, I probably forgot to get more wood from the Guild Warehouse again. At that moment, I walked toward my door, opened it, and ended up bumping to a familiar individual.

— My beloved, what’s wrong? Your paler than a baby alpaca, — he told me, — did something happen to you?

I whispered to him, — “Would you like to come inside?”

We entered my room and gave my beloved Juwan a bit of some hot chocolate that I had heating up. As he took numerous sips, since it was pretty hot, but not boiling, he eyed at me concerned.

— Sweetheart, — he began saying, — Can you tell me what’s wrong now?

I sighed heavily, thinking that this was going to be the most stupid answer I’m going to give him.

— I… I had a dream… — I began telling him. — I had… a nightmare…
— Well… What was that dream about? — He asked.
— … I was… I was attacked by Luisaka…
— You mean that beast in Death Valley? I don’t think we’ve done an expedition to kill that monster, right?
— No… Not yet.
— I figured. Go on?
— I… trembled in fear… I cried out loud, but no one responded… And then…

Juwan noticed that, even with my head down, I was crying. He left the chocolate cup in the table and embraced me softly.

— It’s okay… It was just a dream. It’s just a dream… Don’t be scared…
— But… I felt… the pain…
— It happens sometimes in dreams. But it really doesn’t hurt you. Don’t be scared…

I cleaned my eyes from the many tears I have shed. I looked at Juwan in the eyes and shook my head positively.

— That’s my girl! — Juwan exclaimed, followed by kissing me in my forehead and smiling. — Never let a monster traumatize you, my dear. You’re the best Blade Dancer there is, so show no fear! Okay?
— Okay! — I smiled at him in response.

I kissed him softly in his cheek, leaving cute little lip mark. He simply blushed. So cute when he does that! I got up from my chair and fixed up the bed.
— Do you have a place to sleep tonight? — I asked him.
— Nah. Why ask? — He said.
— I was hoping if you can sleep with me tonight. In case if I get nervous and scared again.
— Hmm. Okay. Just because you’re my cute sunshine.
— Aww, honey. Tee hee!

I got on my bed, and my sweetie follows. He snuggled up on my front side and hugged me sweetly. I got my bed sheets on top of us and slowly, but comfortably, went to sleep.


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