Just Your Typical VHQ Trial Party

Humor posted by hyunahan - December 18th 2012

Additional Details: I'm used to writing a lot of descriptions and details so for this writing contest I challenged myself to convey a story with only dialogue. I did not use any names because it is meant to be a stereotypical portrayal of trialing. Here it goes!

“Is everyone inside?”
“We’re missing one.”
“Where is everyone?”
“I’m inside.”
“What channel are you on?”
“Channel 2.”
“We’re on Channel 3.”
“Aw I’m in the wrong one. There goes my first trial buff.”
“Come to Channel 3 please.”
“Ok, changing channels.”
“Buff me please.”
“Me too! I need shaman buffs.”
“Where’s my luck buff?”
“Give me a minute. It takes a while to buff everyone.”
“Okay is everyone ready?”
“Get jellies!”
“I’m lagging so much.”
“What? We started?”
“I wasn’t inside yet! I was changing channels.”
“Well hurry up.”
“I have more malice than the tank lol.”
“Are you using certificates?”
“Oh yeah.”
“So revive.”
“Why weren’t you healing me?”
”I’m a DPS Cleric!”
“I hate those words.”
“Me too.”
“What about the Shaman?”
“Well it’s not my fault your p-Healing sucks!”
“Sorry my tank sucks! Does anyone else want to tank?”
“Is everyone back? Let’s just go already.”
“Is this a bad time to say this is my first trial?”
“Well that’s okay but do you know how trial calls work?”
“Not really…”
“Don't roll NEED on anything but the gold weapon that you called.”
“Roll GREED on everything else.”
“Are you sure you understand?”
“I think so.”
“Remember only the gold weapon and nothing else.”
“Make sure you don’t mess up. You’ll be called a ninja.”
“Everyone will get really mad at you.”
“I once rolled on the blueprint by accident. Luckily everyone understood it was my first trial.”
“People are paranoid. That’s why we have to have a call list.”
“Can we keep going now? I only have an hour left before I have to leave.”
“Okay let’s go go go!”
"He's dying too fast!"
“Someone break it please.”
“Stop hitting if you aren’t breaking!”
“Phew. So close.”
“I’m dead over here.”
“Let’s go!”
“I’m still dead.”
“Someone revive him.”
“Who’s dead?”
“You have full HP though.”
“It’s a glitch—shows full Hp even though he’s dead.”
“Oh. Weird.”
“Ok, is everyone ready now?”
“I need MP.”
“MP please.”
“Sorry. Lag.”
“Come on keep going.”
“Watch out for reflect!”
“Everyone revive.”
“Why’d you attack it first?”
“Sorry I tabbed wrong.”
“Be careful.”
"Almost there."
“Yes! We killed him. On to the next one.”
“Can we try to go faster?”
“Sorry my tank can’t handle many at once.”
“Alright, does everyone know about the trap?”
“What trap?”
“Don’t let him go past the pillars.”
“Mobs will attack us from behind.”
“Oh okay.”
“OMG. Everyone to the other side.”
“Sorry. Was lagging.”
“Come on guys, we can do this!”
“To Avril!”
“Guys she’s getting killed.”
“Don’t let her die!”
“Dead again.”
“Revive! We have to protect her.”
“Is she dies we can’t kill Roger.”
“She’s dead.”
“Fail trial.”
“What happened?”
“We failed.”
“She died. We can’t kill Roger now.”
“So it’s over?”
“It’s over.”
“Thanks for the party. See ya.”
“I’m going AFK. Bye everyone.”
“Going to bed now. Bye.”


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