General posted by taiboy1234 - December 7th 2012

do you feel that when u play A.V.A u get little amount of money for your achievements and it takes a long time to level up your rank, well i do because in the game if ur not a member u lose out on big benefits like good gun and the ones that u can buy for coins are worth about 50,00 coins again i quote i think cause i don't want anyone getting angry, and when u rank up u don't really get a big benefit , you get a small amount of coins and when u start the game as people quote the word NOOB but overall u get really poor guns but you could say its only the starter but that doesn't help when the guns are so EXPENSIVE!. Overall what i am trying to say is that in fairness the advantages of not being a payed member is very thin and i feel it shouldn't be like that, but don't take my opinion, if u disagree with my comments send me a message back.What Do You Think?


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