Your life must be horrid

Rants posted by TwilightPanther - November 29th 2012

So, I was reminded today, that some players are just jerks.

Logically, people game to have fun. So these individuals must enjoy being jerks.

Every game has them, right?

And I'm not talking about players who are just having a bad day or two and go off on a rant. I'm talking about those players who just love to Troll day after day.

Congrats, your better at doing something than someone else. Your certainly better at being a jerk.

A successful game draws new people, those new people will have less information than older players... duh! So what, you call them newbies and bad players? or you help them learn? What seems to be the right choice to you?

So someone plays the game a different way than you... How does that make them a #### who doesn't know how to play?

So some players don't like PvP and arnt good at it ... how does that give you the right to call them names?

It doesn' just makes you a jerk...

And the more of your kind there are in a game, the less likely those new players will continue to play. Which hurts us all. New players are the life blood of MMO's... especially ones with service like aeria, the new players bring new $$$ which keeps the game going, pays for the servers, etc...

So, here is my little rant, my little lesson. If it touches even a single troll out there helps them become someone a bit more understanding, then my work is done.

I understand that trolls are people too, and they need a place to vent their frustration. I just ask that you find a different way than trashing on other players.

Help us build our community, help us preserve our game
Stop tearing others down, Help them become better/happier
And their happiness will help you feel better too
Them being better players will help you be a better player too.

And for those of you who have been on the reciving end of one of these trolls commentary..

Please dont judge the community based on them, just add them to your block list, and if what they said to you has you feeling a little down, Watch this, it helps.


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