30 minutes in 10 seconds... or was it 10 seconds of 30 minutes?

General posted by mabarnett1229 - November 27th 2012

Something interesting just happened to me and I feel the need to share it with whomever may choose to read this.

As I walked out of my apartment en route to the laundry room, I began to feel my head sway as if I were about to pass out. Before my body had the chance to plummet to the floor, I stopped myself dead in my tracks and stood. Just stood there in the middle of the hallway merely 15-20 paces away from my destination.

As I stood there, I began to feel a sudden calm flow over my body. This calm turned into an almost euphoric feeling; an ecstasy if you must. Now take note: I do not do drugs and I was beginning to feel a very pleasant feeling wash over my body.

This feeling felt cold at first, sweeping with the flow of my blood from my heart to my shoulders and arms, hips, waist, and legs; to the tips of my fingers and into my eyes. And at the same time as the cold had surged through me, I felt an intense sensation of warmth that radiated from my core all the way out into my skin. Every inch of my body pulsated with these sensations of cold heat that caused my mind to suddenly shift from what was the hallway that I was standing in to something that I feel I will never realize.

One may call the following a hallucination while others may refer to it as a vision. I, however, refer to it as a dream during my solid state of reality. A dream that I will never realize nor reach in this lifetime.

In the seconds that I stood in that hallway, in those fleeting seconds of the vast minuscule timelessness that is my life, I saw before me a room at the end of a hallway. The door was already opened just a tad bit and it seemed to be getting closer and closer to me as if I were walking toward it or floating. Whatever the case may be, my world was moving. At this point the world around me had completely vanished and all I saw before me was this door: white, 2 squares at the top side by side, 2 rectangles in the middle side by side, and 2 rectangles near the base, side by side; a door handle of pure silver, with a lock that can be pushed in and turned to insure locking; and a radiant blue light coming from under the door and through the cracked opening inside the room that it led to.

As the door drew nearer to me, I reached out my hand to grasp the knob only to see it disintegrate before my very eyes; however this did not stop the door from opening upon reaching me. The blue light turned to white and then... a park...

I was at a park, hearing the voices of children playing, fathers cheering on their sons on the slides, swings creaking as metal chain links rubbed against each other. However, hearing all of this began to startle me a bit for... I saw nothing.

I was alone in this park save for the body of one child (who will remain without a gender for personal reasons) sitting on the sea-saw. Alone. I walked over to the area in which the child sat. Calmly, slowly, I approached the sea-saw and as the child looked up at me, the frown on that face soon turned to a gleeful smile. A smile filled with hope.

At the point in which I had reached the sea-saw, the child was ready to enjoy the ride with one made of more than just a voice and air. But another body. Another person. The hope that was in the smile of that child did not fade one bit.

I climbed onto the sea-saw and began to push down sending the child up into the air. We laughed. We enjoyed the ride for quite some time. And as I looked on to seeing this child enjoying the time so freely and without a real care, I began to notice the time. As soon as reality struck me, everything stopped. The weight I felt on the other end of the sea-saw had gone from an opposing force against gravity to the very air that I breathed.

I looked to where the child was knowing that they were no longer there but still hearing myself ask, "Hey, kiddo... where is everyone?"

As soon as those words left my mouth the child was standing right by my side... Looking up at me with that same smile.

The child then said to me, "I was alone until you came. I was alone and afraid. No one here wants to have anything to do with me. No one here likes me. No one here likes you."

I said to the child, "But look around... there is no one here. Only you and I, kid! What do you mean 'no one?'"

At that moment, the child slowly slipped a small gentle hand into my left hand. A cold hand... pulsating and full of life with every heartbeat... but still so cold. Just then the park around us turned into a violent vortex of screams and agony. Pain and torment from the ground to the sky. The chains holding the swings had rusted leaving the seats on the ground. The sea-saw now teetered on its rusted hinge, creaking and scraping rusted metal against rusted metal and one end tapping the place where the ground should have been almost rhythmically.

As we stood there with no ground beneath our feet, hand in hand, the child said to me, "Do you see now? Can you see now what awaits us here?"

As I looked around, I saw the shapeless shadows of faceless creatures trying to form themselves into human bodies. However they remained formless shadows with eyes of green and bodies of a somewhat transparent darkness. They stared at the child and I. Just stared. No movement. No breathing. Just staring. But from them came the screams and cries that deafened the air around us. I looked into the eyes of one of these creatures... green... piercing... paralyzing with a soul so tormented that even death wouldn't be a blessing in disguise. Cold filled my body...

I looked at the child, smile still in place... so much hope... so much glee... in this hopeless reality that they were trapped in. This child showed no signs of fear in this entire situation. It occurred to me then that this was the world the child always saw... until...

"Take me with you..." said the child. "I don't want to be here alone anymore. Please let me come with you."

The moment I opened my mouth to respond to that smiling face filled with hope...

I was back in my own reality... in the hallway. 15-20 paces away from my destination. And not even 30 seconds had gone by on the clock on the wall next to me. Not even 20 seconds had passed since everything had begun.

I stood there... alone... in the hallway, still feeling the residual clasp of a tiny hand in my left hand... where the child held on to me. A hand now empty, cold, and trembling.

"I'm sorry kid..." I said to no one in particular, "I hope I can come back for you..."

(The stranger part)

After I said that, a droplet of water then smacked the very hand that was trembling. Though it was clearly from the ceiling where a leak had previously been patched, it was truly strange to hear in my mind the faint whimpering of that same child as I looked to that tear sized droplet.

That world was no more. That child was in my mind. My reality is set in stone. As for that child...

Well... I can only hope that I can revisit that "dream" and set the record straight...

I'll come back for you, kid...
One day...
I'll come back for you...


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