fly away.

Dream of Mirror posted by RoarOFblackness - November 25th 2012

Goodbye Utopia.
Both light and shadow are scams.
Their eyes.
Among the sigh was released.
Collected winds up in the heart.
I kept waiting for days to be able to fly.
I wanna let you fly so high.

The wet wing.
Mark soiled stains because of the tears.
Even far away from the loneliness.
This is not a dream.

I wanna let you fly so high.
fly away for a heart hard as a rock.
Medusa of these memories.
If you rush into this.
Eternity may be subtle.
But another of my existence.
Was razed by the heat somewhere.
I wanna let you fly so high.
The wings are burning.
She is not the only concern.
And the wind of the future.
Then fly up again fly away.

I wanna let you fly so high.
The wings are wet from the tears that flow down.
Because loneliness is not to far from me to run it.
Did not matter if I reached for the interest.
I still wait to find themselves.
Legendary Journeys is starting up.
Embrace it Glorious.

Heart turned to stone like Medusa's memory.
If you lose sleep over this.
Although it would be easy to sleep through.
She lost track of her own.
Of the future will have to be borne on the wind.
To fly once more.
No matter how high the ...... fly away.


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