Gaming posted by aaronotm - November 21st 2012

Well to all those who read this i am going to be doing blogs about the games i have played on Aeria and will be giving you tips hints and hows.

AvA (alliance of valiant arms) a full jam packed fps(first person shooter) With players from all over diffrent countrys and continents 3 reasons you should try it out or play it 1.It is a really fun game the leveling is fun the players are nice 2.the hardcore velocity of it is really addictive if you love your shooting games and 3 and best reason 3.IF you are a ex cod or any other first person shooter player youll love it with its large variety of and armory (the knives guns armour etc) With its diffrent playing styles and players you never get bored even if you pown 24/7 so go try it out.

Hope you will read the next one i post :) take care and have fun Aaronotm
contact me at aaronotm on aeria ignite or aaronotm@gmail.com


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