3x EXP: Oh yes, oh baby + Leveling guide

Grand Fantasia posted by evilishan - November 13th 2012

High level maps have PERM 3x increase in experience.

Finally an end to mutated dungeon leveling for my and real progress to be made on my DMON.

In theory any player should now be able to get to 80+ with relative ease of grinding, maybe over the course of two months.

Incase anyone wants to know how here's quick guide I personally followed:
Levels 1-8 Siwa Island and quests
Levels 8-30 Quill book reps! Go to the merchants in the main cities and DO them. Helps later on!
Levels 31-36 WR gives about 1 level at this stage, also do Angoya Island map reps & Sunbird rep at the same time.
Levels 36-38: Spent this entire time getting boar meat because it gives you a free level & caps your Jale rep to 16K. Might be useful for the defense potion and all.
Levels 38-39: Give in those Pig loins!
Levels 39-40: I reccomend taking a break from grinding and making sure you get CM and DT done around this time. The CM mission order gives an evasion title, while DT gives defence.
Levels 40-43: Pirate Gunpowder rep, stacks with the map rep & gives a great exp/gold payout.
Levels 44-46: Yak rep/Ilya Guild rep OR WPC depending on your gears & capability.
Levels 46 - 50: Bandit Badge & Jale and Kaslow Guild rep.
Levels 50 - 52: Do the main quests for Misty Wetlands and Lost highlands now, you should have the required 4K quill rep for the books missions too.
Levels 53-56: Mix of WCM & WR & rep quests in Lost highlands, plenty to choose from. Yak/Deer/Wolf/Bird.
Levels 57-61: Focus on getting all the main city reps to 36K using rep quests that give fame during hand in. Makes it alot easier than doing it later. After do Gaia worm hairs. ~15 to level from 60 -> 61.
Levels 61 -> 63: Really easily done: camp rep with a party or ACV. Be sure to do the main PiP quests as the money from the quests are good.
Levels 63 -> 66: Good old AJ's and be sure to do the TLM quests for some variant stones too^
Levels 66+ Honestly here on in you should be pretty good to go^ :) but be sure to pm me if u need help leveling from here!


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