It's all about perception.

Grand Fantasia posted by evilishan - November 13th 2012

People find excuses to say what they think or reasoning for what they want to believe. I have realised this a while back, but I still fall victim to forum trolls and sometimes rarely develop the wrong opinion myself.

Now about the game 'dying', people fail to realise that the game still runs very actively and arena starts on some brackets atleast, but saying 'it's a dying game, don't bother' doesn't help it at all. It just drags the game down.

Concerning the merge, it seems like no one has noticed that every year there either has been a new server out or a merge. First was Siropas out, then Alice, then Gaia came out. Siro joined Alice to become Bodor. Then Quill came out. Now Gaia is joining with Bodor. It's just yearly cycles.... not for the sake of anyone quitting.
By their logic GF has been 'dying' every year since it's release.

It's so annoying :(


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