No, you get something straight.

General posted by RileyRo4Life - November 11th 2012

I try my hardest to be there for you. You have no idea about that, though, because you won't listen. Everyday, my life sucks, just as much as yours, but do you see me pushing away my best friends and getting pissed at everyone about everything? No. I know that if I'm in a pissed off mood around my friends, they won't want to talk to me or help me out. Nobody wants to be around someone who's just going to put them down when they're pissed off. I tried talking to you. You pushed me away. You have no idea how much I love you as a friend. It hurt when you said that I don't need you and that I don't care. Well, I do need you and I do care. No matter what, I'm here for you. Even if you're in your moods. Alright? Because that's what wifeys do. :I But fine, I get it. Everything's my fault. It always is, isn't it? :/


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