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Gaming posted by theo86 - January 25th 2011

Hello Readers/Riders,

Lately I've been watching (again) an old times Kamen Rider Black Series, Black RX, etc. Well, it feels nostalgic for me to remember my childhood... And today, something comes up on my mind: is there any Kamen Rider MMORPG? I've searched all over the internet with a key words "Kamen Rider MMORPG", and hey what I found? I found there are so many fans of Kamen Rider, but there's no game link.

Well, It was disappointing... But I've got an Idea, WHAT IF.. I Suggest Aeria to produce such a game? A Kamen Rider MMORPG? The Element of Game? Here's some of my Idea

- Character Creation:

Player Create their human form, may be adapting from perfect world game system. In early game, Player only can choose 1 type of "henshin". Later On, they can modified their Rider's part or Rider's set to customize their Rider's Costume and skills. (well, I just imagine we can get this parts and skills from mobs (drops or chests), any random event (Christmas, Eve, etc), also you can buy some using AP or Buying from players using gold from Broker).

Gathering the same skills tag, player can use them to upgrade their own skill or just selling them to others.

Gathering Parts of Riders to modified Rider's Costume that effecting offense and defense.

Imagine, you fight ordinary monsters. When the gauge fulls, you can do "henshin" to power up. And another gauge fulls we can use Critical Skills such as Rider's kick or else to fight Bosses around.

Oh yea, Some Weapon system might be cool too... (switching weapon system something like in Ryuuki/Dragon Knight movie will be cool).

- Rider's Ride:

Ride can be bought at certain NPC, of course with some lvl requirements. But, the NPC only sell the Basic parts of Motorcycle, car, or Plane (or Chopper)...? For Modified Parts? Mobs, Treasure hunt, Bosses, AP, or buying from other players using Broker System.

- Game Mode:

Missions for each player for hunt, doing errands, Gathering items, Bosses, Dungeon, and Special Mission with special prize for an event, or else.

There's 2 choice Developer can use:
->Room system something like DWO or Point Blank or else
->MMORPG Adventures like Kingdom Heroes, Perfect World, etc.

I. Rooming System
In this type, well we have experienced the DWO,player can choose their game mode.
may be killing spam like 2000 kills or 3000 kills, Bosses Hunt, Treasure Hunt or Bike Race or Car Race (If the developer adding some features like car :D )

Room Setting can be set up as VS Computer (choosing difficulty level, well you can develop the idea by yourself); or VS Human (by dividing the players into 2 teams system).

II. Adventures System
Well, you can imagine we play other games like Kingdom Heroes, with some scheduled Event like Bike Race, Treasure hunt, Boss Hunt, Tournament Arena. Of course, the best thing in this system is Party System to kick *ss Big Boss in certain dungeon.

- Background Theme:

Background? can be anywhere:
=> modern City View, mobs can appeared anywhere in the city (except near re-spawn point and market area). Every City has a different lvl of mobs, earlier city have a lower level of mobs, more further city more difficult of mobs' lvl to handle.

=> forest View, Hills, and other Natures (well Riders not only fight in inside of City).

=> Cave, Castle, Funeral, or other type you can imagine (for dungeon Special mobs)

Well, besides default music, I suggest to allow players using their own music from their computers as a play list.

-Fighting Style:

This depends on weapons, some Riders using Blade, Guns, or just a bare hand, or else.
Well, I imagined this fighting style can be adapted from Devil May Cry.

=End of Idea=

hmmm.... I think That's all in my head right now... :D

Sorry for my bad English, Because I'm not a native speaker and Have a bad mark on my Grammar. >.

I Write this thing just for a suggestion, an just some of my random crazy idea...

Oh yea, I just mention some games not owned by Aeria Games without any Intention of breaking any rules or copyright. Well, as I said it's just a random idea in my mind... :p

But, Hopefully You all read this, like my idea, developing some ideas from this, but more importantly you really create the game. XD

P.S.:Yeah... Yeah... I know that will be difficult to handle something like this because of copyright, licenses, developer, Computer Requirement (Hope not to high requirements too) XD

Well, that's all from me.

Success for you all! God Bless. :D

-Wednesday, January 26th, 2011; 01:37 A.M.(GMT +7 Zone)-


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