Yu Yu Hakusho

Anime posted by sarataylor - July 10th 2010

Yu Yu Hakusho is about a 14 year old boy named Yusuke Urameshi is who is a
street brawling delinquent with a tough guy approach to everything.However,
no one expects a sudden acts heroism on his part:he dies trying to save a
boy from a speeding car.In fact,when he arrives in the afterlife,he is
informed that no one was expecting to die that way,and were not prepared for
his arrival.After numerous tests to his guage his worth,Yusuke is eventually
revived,and is assigned to work for the spirit realm as a detective
investigating demonic cases in the human world.Also hes has friends as well
Yukina,Kurama,Hiei,Botan,Jin,Chuu,and his girlfriend Kayko.Kurabara as well.
Kurama has a demon form named Yoko Kurama and Hiei has a third eye on his
fourhead.Yusuke-Kurama and Hiei has an ancectors that demons.Kurama has Yomi,
Yusuke has Raizen and Hiei has Mukuro.Watch more to see the show.
Also did I menchin that they go to a terniment.Find out more about the show
and see who is your favorite character mine is Kurama.


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